The big, beefy sound you’d expect from a thick shell and then some.

Hendrix is a Houston, Texas-based company specializing in crafting premium stave and ply-shell drums that provide professional-grade sound and performance at working drummer prices. The flagship line, the Archetype, is centered on a unique ultra-thin stave shell that’s only 1/4" thick at the center, and the reinforcement rings are milled into the wood rather than glued in separately. The Archetype shell has a very resonant voice with a deep, low fundamental tone and incredible dynamic response.

While the Archetype stave shell drums are outstanding all-purpose instruments, Hendrix decided to develop a thicker shell that emphasizes the more aggressive, powerful, and articulate sound profile that is more often associated with stave construction. These drums, called Player’s Stave, feature a thick 1/2" rock maple shell with sharper 45-degree edges and no reinforcement rings. These snare drums come in three sizes (5.5x14, 6.5x14, and 8x14) and two finishes (black and natural satin lacquer).
Hendrix employs its proprietary Archetype single-point lugs and a simple but effective side-release Inde throw-off, flat-flanged S-Hoops, Fat Cat adjustable-tension wires, Hendrix nylon Sleeved Washers on each tension rod, and premium Remo drumheads (CS Coated batter and Hazy Snare bottom).

The beefier 1/2" shell gives the Player’s Stave shell a powerful voice that’s guaranteed to cut through any situation. The hard rock maple timber has a nicely balanced tone with crisp, clean highs, rich mids, and fat lows. The sharp bearing edges add to the snappy front-end attack and help enhance the drum’s sensitivity at lower volumes.


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