Beier - 6.5x15 and 7.5x15 Steel Snares - Modern Drummer Magazine

Beier – 6.5×15 and 7.5×15 Steel Snares

We reviewed the shallow 4"- and 5.5"-deep versions of Beier’s vintage-inspired 1.5mm steel 15" snares back in the February 2016 issue and fell in love with their deadly combo of power, punch, and crispness, especially at lower tunings. This month we’re checking out two of the company’s deeper steel models: a 6.5x15 and a 7.5x15. Both had eight lugs and came with Beier’s signature textured black finish. Priced very competitively, the 6.5" sells for $535, and the 7.5" is $575. Let’s check them out.

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February 2018 Issue