S.L.P. New-Vintage Hickory Drumset and Powerpad Throne Case

This hickory kit’s tonal focus emphasizes a mid-range timbre. The Direct Flexi-Mount, 2.3 mm steel Mighty Hoops, and Evans G1 Coated heads offer an open sound, while the dark lacquered bass drum hoops, Vintage Marine Pearl wrap [not pictured], and brass tube lugs add a classic styling. See it at your local store or shop at Sweetwater.

Sold separately, the 5×14 S.L.P. New-Vintage Hickory snare combines the warmth and clarity of hickory with the crispness and response associated with a shallower shell. See it at you local store or shop at Sweetwater.

The Powerpad throne case features an inside divider to allow for separate, secure storage of the seat and base. It can also store a 14″ drum and a snare stand.



Gon Bops

Bucket Shekere

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the Bucket shekere can be played by hand or placed on a stand and played with brushes. It’s designed to provide a rich, warm percussive attack. The shell stands 8″ in height and has a 12.5″ opening.



Wooden Drum

The wooden BeatSeat can be played with hands and feet and features four panels, each providing a range of tones, including two snare sounds. Available in four sizes, the BeatSeat has an interior handle for easy transport.



d:vote 4099 Microphone

Sporting a streamlined design and the company’s CORE technology, the d:vote 4099 clip-on instrument condenser mic has a tight supercardioid polar pattern that rejects unwanted noise from the rear and sides in order to accurately capture a focused, pure sound. The new windscreen has a slightly thicker diameter to improve the protection of the input jack while decreasing the mic’s vulnerability to wind and movement. The cover and housing have a water-repellant nanocoating, the internal amplifier is hermetically sealed, and the diaphragm has dual gold plating. The 4099 is designed to handle the high sound pressure levels of drums and comes with a flexible gooseneck. The DC4099 clip supports a wide variety of mounting positions, including toms and bass drums. See at your local store or shop at Sweetwater.



Solid Bronze Snare

This 4×14, 5 mm solid-bronze snare is said to produce a wide range of sound frequencies, giving a heavy, sharp sound with abundant overtones.