“I grew up with classical music,” says drummer, producer, and composer Konstantin Septinus of Hamburg, Germany. “I always liked the dynamic contrast between focused and open tones. However, jazz later became my true love because of the expression and flow that come with it. While always curious and searching for new sounds and inspirations, I lately found myself with these very special drums.”

Septinus’s mahogany Craviotto set features a 7×12 rack tom, a 13×16 floor tom, and a 12×20 bass drum, all with 45-degree bearing edges. “I equipped the toms with 4 mm AK Drums chrome-over-brass hoops,” he says, “which add nicely to the wooden tone.” To complement the kit’s open sound, Septinus fitted the setup with Remo Ambassador heads.

In addition to the kit’s AK hoops, Septinus also ordered a custom snare from the boutique Italian craftsman Adrian Kirchler. “The snare is a 6.5×14, 1 mm, single-piece brass shell with 4 mm chrome hoops and a sophisticated fan-shaped snare wire construction with five distinct snare beds,” Septinus explains.

Kirchler outfitted the brass-shelled drum with coiled steel snare wires instead of a copper/silk-wound combination, which Septinus says adds more sustain to the otherwise highly dynamic, articulate, and focused tone. “The snare’s design also features ten classy tube lugs, a nice and flexible throw-off, brass T-rods and washers, and that dark patina look,” he adds.

Septinus tells MD that he feels lucky he was able to assemble this particular setup. “I really like the dry and ultra-sensitive snare together with the full and round-sounding Craviotto drums. And the 20″ solid-shell bass drum provides all the low end, almost like a bigger orchestral bass drum.”

Depending on the type of gig he’s playing, Septinus chooses from a variety of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals to suit his needs. “For jazz or fusion music, I prefer the MC Jazz series, a Black Sea 1623 crash, a Kirkor Kucukyan Tribute 22″ ride, Horacio El Negro Hernandez 13″ signature hi-hats, plus X-Ray cymbals to mix dark and light textures,” he says. “In the photograph, my 18″ Origin Dark crash and a nice Hamer 10″ splash are shown, plus a Big Fat Snare Drum Bling Ring on the hi-hats. Otherwise, I play Istanbul Mehmet’s Tony Williams replicas.”