Classic Series Bass Drum Pedal

With vintage design and modern functionality, the Classic pedal is designed to be light, responsive, and durable. Features include beater height adjustment, topside spring adjustment, a felt beater, an Easy-Tight hoop clamp, and a smooth footboard. A wire frame reduces weight and allows the pedal to fold up for easy transport. List price is $167.



L80 China Cymbal

An 18″ China has been added to Zildjian’s L80 low-volume cymbal collection. It is said to be 80 percent quieter than a traditional China. This cymbal is ideal for use in small rooms and for volume-controlled practice sessions. Drummers can stack the 18″ China with an L80 14″ crash and 10″ splash for additional effects. Purchase now on Amazon.


Vic Firth

American Classic PureGrit and DoubleGlaze Sticks

These new sticks are designed to offer two tactile experiences for 5A and 5B players. PureGrit sticks are for sweaty hands and are lacquer-free. They have a slight amount of grittiness and a raw texture. Over time, oil and perspiration from the hands penetrate the surface of the stick, creating a natural feel.

DoubleGlaze sticks are coated with a specialized formula that creates a tacky feel. The lacquered surface allows players with dry hands to relax their grip on the stick. The thick coating also adds a bit of mass for a solider feel.