The Modern Drummer Guide to Reading Rhythms - Modern Drummer Magazine

The Modern Drummer Guide to Reading Rhythms

Learning to read rhythms can open a whole new world of musical opportunities. It can facilitate growth as you learn from the countless educational resources that are available today. And it can equip you with more options as a working player, no matter what your level. Imagine being in a rehearsal and coming up with a perfect groove or fill for a song, and wanting to remember it for your next rehearsal. While capturing it on a portable recorder is one option, what if you didn’t have one with you? Being able to write the part down in detail on any available sheet of paper would be a powerful skill to have in that moment. Or imagine being called to sub for a gig with only six hours’ notice. Having the skill to quickly jot down crucial parts—or sight-read a provided chart at the gig—could alleviate having to quickly absorb so much musical content by ear. These are merely two examples of the many advantages gained from being able to read music.

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December 2018 Issue