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Justin Foley: Killswitch Engage’s Rulebreaker

Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley doesn’t quite fit in with the normal metal drummer stereotypes. For one, he’s classically trained, having received his undergraduate degree in percussion from the University of Connecticut and his master’s degree from the prestigious Hartt…

Modern Drummer
May 5, 2011

Listen to Sound Files of Meinl Classics Custom Cymbals

The complete review is on page 18 of the June issue of Modern Drummer magazine.  

Modern Drummer
Apr 19, 2011

Write Creative Drum Parts, Part 1: Direct Connection

April 2011 Rock 'N' Jazz Clinic Write Creative Drum Parts Part 1: Direct Connection by Chris Prescott Over the years I’ve had many students ask for help in writing drum parts for their bands’ songs. This article is designed to…

Modern Drummer
Apr 2, 2011

Listen as We Test a Slew of New Mic Models From Audio-Technica

The complete review is on page 26 of the May issue of Modern Drummer magazine.      

Modern Drummer
Mar 17, 2011

Steve Fidyk’s Tribute to Joe Morello

May 2011 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop Rudimental Jazz Revisited by Steve Fidyk Army Blues drummer and MD contributor Steve Fidyk plays a 5/4 drum solo dedicated to his longtime teacher, Joe Morello. See Fidyk’s two-part educational column based on Morello’s recently…

Modern Drummer
Mar 16, 2011

Playing With Drum Loops (Revisited)

Original article from the April 2011 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine February 2011 Electronic Insights Playing With Drum Loops Choosing Tones And Tunings by Donny Gruendler Many drummers are trained to have metronomic time, solid technique and reading skills, and…

Modern Drummer
Feb 6, 2011

Simon Phillips: The Drummer As Perfectionist

It was an exciting time for drumming. The year was 1980, and a twenty-three-old drummer from England, Simon Phillips, was being introduced to the global music community through his stellar work with artists such as Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, and…

Modern Drummer
Jun 3, 2010

Darren King of MUTEMATH: YouTube Favorites

Hi there, MD readers, Darren King here. I don’t care so much about difficulty or technicality. I like style, passion, creativity, and all that kind of stuff. Here are some videos that always challenge and inspire me no matter how…

Modern Drummer
May 11, 2010

Vinson Valega: New York City Jazzer

Hey there, MD readers! Thanks so much for checking out this blog entry. I’m happy to give a big shout-out from the New York City jazz scene, which is still going strong and attracting the most amazing musicians from all…

Modern Drummer
Apr 9, 2010

Sonny Greer: Duke Ellington’s Crowd Pleaser

Sonny Greer was born in 1903 in Long Branch, New Jersey, and studied drums with vaudeville drummer J. Rosemond Johnson. His first professional job was as a youngster in a pit band in Red Bank, New Jersey. Within a few…

Modern Drummer
Jan 6, 2010

Robin Stone of the Amenta

Hey there, everyone in MD Interwebs land! My name is Robin Stone, and I play in the Amenta. I’ve got something different to talk about: extreme metal drumming. Whenever you turn on the radio or watch any pop/rock video, chances…

Modern Drummer
Nov 4, 2009

Gavin Harrison: Displacing Rhythms In Cyberspace

It’s not as if Gavin Harrison needs to lurk on the Internet. He’s popular. You like him! On the strength of his books, DVDs (including the recent Hudson release, Rhythmic Horizons) and performances with UK progressive band Porcupine Tree, you…

Modern Drummer
Aug 16, 2007

Kit Of The Month: A Do-It-Yourself Adventure

by Thomas Given Thomas Given’s Collage Kit appeared in the Kit Of The Month department of the August ’07 MD. Here’s his full report on the creation of this unusual kit, along with a bevy of photos illustrating the project.…

Modern Drummer
Jun 21, 2007

Steve Gadd: Opens Up

There's a whole lot of drumming going on. Hundreds of thousands of people currently play the drums. Through the years, perhaps millions have played. But in spite of all that drumming, just a couple of dozen amazing innovators have shown…

Modern Drummer
Jul 1, 2005