Playing With Drum Loops (Revisited)

Keith Harris on the February 2011 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine

Original article from the April 2011 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine

February 2011

Electronic Insights

Playing With Drum Loops

Choosing Tones And Tunings

by Donny Gruendler

Many drummers are trained to have metronomic time, solid technique and reading skills, and stylistic diversity. Some of these players, however, overlook two very important concepts: tone and tuning. In today’s musical climate, which often involves playing along with prerecorded loops and sequences, it’s just as important for drummers to have a good sound and strong tuning skills so they can blend into the mix of the song. A lack of a cohesive sound can cancel out good time and solid technique by giving the impression that you’re not quite fitting in.

My article in the February 2011 issue is designed to help you develop your sound by choosing the proper tones and tunings to allow you to blend with a loop.

The loops and demos that accompany that article are included below.

Loop 1 Page 72

Loop 2 Page 73

Tone and Tunings Example1 Page 72

Tone and Tunings Example2 Page 72

Tone and Tunings Example3 Page 73

Tone and Tunings Example4 Page 73