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Nia Lovelis of Cherri Bomb

When I was really young my parents took me horseback riding, and the sound and feel of the rhythm got stuck in my head. It was then I knew I wanted to play drums. I come from a musical family:…

Modern Drummer
Oct 19, 2011

Frank Zummo

 Hi, MD! As I write this I am sitting at LAX airport about to board flight number 1 of 9 that I will take this month. Today’s flight is off to Chicago to perform with TheNewNo2. We are supporting Pearl…

Modern Drummer
Sep 19, 2011

Guitar Center's Drum-Off, World's Largest Drumming Competition, Kicks-Off

23rd Annual Competition Offers America’s Most Skilled Undiscovered Drummers The Chance To Win Career-Launching Prizes Including Cash, Gear, And Pivotal Endorsement Deals Watch the video announcement here: www.youtube.com Continuing its ongoing support of and commitment to aspiring artists, Guitar Center…

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 2011

Fred Coury of Cinderella

Howdy all, Fred Coury here, writing from a hotel room near Düsseldorf, Germany. Twenty-five years after we started our first tour, I find myself in Europe once again, fighting stomach issues (we all go through it from the foods and…

Modern Drummer
Jul 12, 2011

Danny Seraphine: Update 2011

By Bob Girouard It seems that since Danny Seraphine made a comeback of sorts of the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival, he’s kicked the current phase of his drumming career into high gear, appearing at events like Drummers for Jesus, the…

Modern Drummer
May 2, 2011

Double Bass Substitute, Part 1: 16th Notes

March 2010 Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic Double Bass Substitute Part 1: 16th Notes by Mike Johnston Watch Mike Johnston demonstrate exercises from part 1 of his Double Bass Substitute article.    

Modern Drummer
Jan 24, 2011

Aaron Wood of the Howlies

For those of you who’ve seen Iron Man 2 and believe, like me, that everything in the movies and on the Internet is real, then you know that it’s possible through technology to fit a super high-tech body suit weapon…

Modern Drummer
Dec 12, 2010

Linear Fills, Part 2

October 2010 Rock ’N’ Jazz Clinic Linear Fills, Part 2 by Mike Johnston In this video, MD columnist Mike Johnston explains some of the 16th-note-triplet linear fills he wrote about in the October 2010 issue of Modern Drummer.   In…

Modern Drummer
Aug 19, 2010

Yael: DrumAddict

Hello, modern drum addicts! First off, it’s an honor to be asked to do a piece for Modern Drummer online, and I hope to get to the point where I will finally have my mug in the mag next to…

Modern Drummer
Dec 7, 2009

Twin Atlantic’s Craig Kneale

Hello there, modern drummers! My name is Craig Kneale and I play in a rock band called Twin Atlantic, which hails from Glasgow, Scotland. First of all I’d like to say that it really is an honour to write a…

Modern Drummer
Sep 15, 2009

LA Drummer/Instructor Pamela Manganaro

Hi, MD readers, my name is Pamela Manganaro, and I'm a drummer/teacher in Los Angeles. I'd like to share my experience and hopefully encourage more women to play drums. In 1989 Drum Workshop vice-president John Good asked me if I…

Modern Drummer
Nov 10, 2007