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Joshua Radin's Frederik Bokkenheuser

Hi, modern drummers! My name is Frederik Bokkenheuser. Greetings from Webster Hall in New York City. I am currently touring with Joshua Radin.  We have been on the road for over two months now, in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and…

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 2009

Yoko Ono Talks Drums With Modern Drummer

by Billy Amendola At the young age of seventy-six, there’s just no slowing down for artist, activist, and avant-garde queen Yoko Ono, widow of the late Beatle John Lennon. Her latest CD, Between My Head And The Sky, made with…

Modern Drummer
Nov 24, 2009

John Chominsky of Final Gravity

Hey there to all my Modern Drummer buddies! I grew up reading MD cover to cover and couldn’t wait for the next issue to come out, so I’m psyched to tell you what I’ve been up to through this MD…

Modern Drummer
Oct 26, 2009

Pat Petrillo — Learn To Read Rhythms...Better!

Hey, MD fam! Hope you’re all having a blast this summer and getting time to chill a bit–or gig a lot! Either way, hope you’re having fun. Things have been mad busy with me, so here’s a bit of an…

Modern Drummer
Aug 28, 2009

Longwave's Jason Molina

Hello, MD readers. I play drums in a band called Longwave. We are currently supporting the group Bloc Party on a tour of the northeast United States. On the way to a show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, we…

Modern Drummer
Mar 31, 2009

Jimmy Carl Black

Jimmy Carl Black, of Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart fame, just turned seventy–and says last year was one of his busiest ever. First, there’s the band The Jack And Jim Show, which recently released The Jack And Jim Show…

Modern Drummer
Mar 25, 2008

Phanie D of Girl In A Coma

Hey, all, I'm Phanie D, drummer for Girl In A Coma. I'm not your typical drummer, I guess. I'm not taught, and to this day I'm still not too familiar with drummer terms. I learned purely because I love it.…

Modern Drummer
Jan 22, 2008

Antigone Rising's Dena Tauriello

These days I do some session work and teaching, but my main gig is with the all-female NYC—based rock band Antigone Rising. I've been with them for over nine years, and it's been an amazing journey. During this time we've…

Modern Drummer
Jan 10, 2008

Andrew Forsman of The Fall Of Troy

The first thing you’ll notice on The Fall Of Troy’s Manipulator is that there’s a lot of sound happening, for a three-piece post-punk act. Carefully juggling the punishing rhythmic duties of this outfit is drummer Andrew Forsman. Forsman worked closely…

Modern Drummer
Nov 25, 2007

The Evolution of Jimmy Chamberlin: Still Smashing

  by Ken Micallef As a self confessed “elder statesman of music,” and one of the most influential drummers of the past fifteen years, Jimmy Chamberlin has a thing or two to say about the state of the instrument. He…

Modern Drummer
Sep 19, 2007

Gavin Harrison: Displacing Rhythms In Cyberspace

It’s not as if Gavin Harrison needs to lurk on the Internet. He’s popular. You like him! On the strength of his books, DVDs (including the recent Hudson release, Rhythmic Horizons) and performances with UK progressive band Porcupine Tree, you…

Modern Drummer
Aug 16, 2007

Kit Of The Month: A Do-It-Yourself Adventure

by Thomas Given Thomas Given’s Collage Kit appeared in the Kit Of The Month department of the August ’07 MD. Here’s his full report on the creation of this unusual kit, along with a bevy of photos illustrating the project.…

Modern Drummer
Jun 21, 2007

Glenn Kotche: Painting The Sky Blue Sky

From the August 2007 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine. This past winter, the duality of rock drummer / experimental percussionist Glenn Kotche’s eclectic career reached an all-time high as he juggled writing/recording sessions for Grammy award–winning rock band Wilco’s latest…

Modern Drummer
Jun 15, 2007

Ian Matthews

When Ian Matthews got his first drumkit at age four, he was lucky that his babysitter was also a professional drummer. “He’d teach me a few rudiments and how to read a bit,” Ian remembers. “That got me into jazz…

Modern Drummer
May 18, 2007