April 2020 – Volume 44 • Number 4


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Articles in April 2020

On Tour

Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu With Polica

MD contributor Lia Braswell, who recently replaced all snare drum parts with samples on tour with the band TR/ST, finds out how the dual drummers in Minneapolis’s favorite indie-dance-rock band fare with a similar challenge. As Polica presents their new…

By Lia Braswell
Feb 28, 2020
Back Through The Stack

November 1981 — Jim Keltner

A few years ago, Emil Richards took me and my wife to see Buddy Rich play at a musician’s night in a restaurant in Glendale. All the musicians in town were there, especially drummers. So after his set—which was incredible—we…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2020
Industry Happenings

The 2019 Hollywood Drum Show

A year shy of twenty, the popular gathering offered its usual mix of classic gear, new offerings from contemporary manufacturers, and thrilling performances. The nineteenth Hollywood Drum Show was held this past October at the Glendale, California, Civic Center. Packed…

Photos and Story by Bob Campbell
Feb 28, 2020
On the Cover

Wilco’s Glenn Kotche

For a drum journalist, it was the greatest unboxing ever. Well, it would have been, if the kit that Wilco drum tech Ashwin Deepankar was about to unveil was ours to keep. Of course it wasn’t. It belonged to Glenn…

Story by Adam Budofsky | Photos by Jessica Alexander
Feb 28, 2020
Readers' Platform

MD Reader's Weigh In

How old were you when you first started playing drums? Three years old. Haven’t looked back since! Herman Watson Four! It’s the best thing in the world being a student of this amazing instrument. It has given me so much.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2020
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

Percussion Playing for Drummers

Part 1: Congas, Bongos, and Timbales As a working drummer, it’s likely that you’re going to be asked to play some hand percussion instruments at some point. This could range from overdubbing a simple 16th-note shaker part to pulling off…

by Damon Grant and Marcos Torres
Feb 28, 2020
Inside Methods

Joe Clegg’s You’re So Hybrid: Ableton Live for Drummers

Ellie Goulding’s drummer and music director has taken away our excuses for not embracing electronic-drumming technology. For a dyed-in-the-wool acoustic drum player, it’s been difficult to avoid the news that professional drumming has become hybridized. Whether the gig is with…

By John Colpitts
Feb 28, 2020

Modern Drummer 2020 Readers Poll Winners

HALL OF FAME Nicko McBrain Past Hall of Fame Winners 2019: Dave Grohl 2018: Clyde Stubblefield 2017: Peter Erskine 2016: Vic Firth 2015: Ian Paice 2014: Carmine Appice 2013: Bernard Purdie 2012: Phil Collins 2011: Jim Chapin 2010: Hal Blaine…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2020
Product Close-Up

Meinl Artist Concept Super Stack and 16" Sand and 8" Crasher Hats

Specialized pairings designed with two of today’s most distinct and discerning players. It’s been thirty years since Meinl first teamed up with one of its endorsing artists to develop some signature models. While that original collaboration, the Tri-Tonal series, has…

By Michael Dawson
Feb 28, 2020
New and Notable

New Gear from Alesis, Tama, Gretsch, Innovative Percussion, and more

Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Eleven-Piece Mesh Kit The new Strike Pro Special Edition drumset utilizes all-new dual-zone mesh heads for the snare and toms. The 16" ride cymbal, 14" crash, and 14" movable hi-hat are covered with a new…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2020
Reasons To Love

10 Reasons to Love Jimmy Cobb

In the pantheon of late-1950s master jazz drummers, Philly Joe Jones had rudimental brilliance; Art Taylor an immaculate sense of time-feel burn; Elvin Jones, combustible triplet ferociousness; Roy Haynes, intellectual brilliance; and Shelly Manne, musical inventiveness. But when it came…

by Ken Micallef
Feb 28, 2020

Sepultura’s Eloy Casagrande

Power. Passion. Precision. Eloy Casagrande was only twenty years old when he joined the legendary Brazilian metal band Sepultura. The group has roots in metal that date back to the days of MTV’s Headbangers Ball, and Eloy was born the…

Story by David Ciauro | Photos by Marcos Hermes
Feb 28, 2020
Gearing Up

Social Distortion’s Dave Hidalgo Jr.

Dave Hidalgo Jr. joined Ludwig in 2010 shortly after becoming a full-time member of legendary punk band Social Distortion. “It’s pretty rad to become a part of something that you grew up listening to and being a fan of,” says…

Interview and photos by John Martinez
Feb 28, 2020
Out Now

Eric Kretz on Stone Temple Pilots’ Perdida

STP’s eighth studio album exchanges the group’s trademark driving rock sound for a melancholy ’60s and ’70s vibe, realized with an array of vintage instruments.   Written primarily by guitarist Dean DeLeo and bassist Robert DeLeo during Stone Temple Pilots’…

By Brandy McKenzie
Feb 28, 2020
Must-Have Gear

The Flower Kings’ Mirkko DeMaio

The Flower Kings—the name alone conjures images of prog-rock luminaries like Genesis and Yes, who in the late ’60s planted the seeds for all the fantasy-laden symphonic rock to come in the following decades. Swedish prog ensemble the Flower Kings…

By Mike Haid
Feb 28, 2020
Product Close-Up

INDē Drum Lab RESoArmor Drumset

A trifecta of classic do-all tone, sleek and innovative hardware, and a gorgeous, nearly bulletproof finish.   Independent Drum Lab (aka INDē) is an American company founded in 2015 by drummer/designer/engineer Josh Allen, who got his start in the industry…

By Michael Dawson
Feb 28, 2020
International Feel

Mobius’s Adrien Brunet

Being from one of the most exotic locales on earth proves to be a helpful background for a drummer interested in exploring the cross-sections of world music styles—even one with a heavy-music heart.   World-music metal? Sure, why not? The…

By Ilya Stemkovsky
Feb 28, 2020
Retailer Profile

Drumbite Music, Jerusalem, Israel

Being a drum retailer anywhere in the world is tough. But given the divergent religions and political instability of the region, the challenges of operating a drum shop on the border of East and West Jerusalem are a bit more…

Interview by Patrick Berkery
Feb 28, 2020