German drummer, composer, and producer Konstantin Septinus is the proud owner of this handcrafted 2014 maple Craviotto drumset. The kit includes 10″ and 12″ toms and an 18″ bass drum, as well as a special-edition solid cherry snare. “The snare features a 2016 Craviotto 7×14 shell,” Septinus explains, “which was sent to Morris ‘Arnie’ Lang, who installed Gladstone-style snare hardware and a unique wire/gut combination snare wire.” The drum includes traditional Gladstone features such as three-way tuning, internal muffling, and a customizable venting system. A set of Istanbul Mehmet Tony Williams Tribute cymbals tops the kit.

Septinus says that the setup allows him to merge traditional drumset elements with edgier modern tools. “This approach holds true [specifically] for my drums, as seen with the Gladstone snare and Tony Williams cymbals, and [more generally] for my music production with my band the Fire Orange Project.” That group, Septinus explains, plans to release an album that features original jazz- and rock-influenced compositions. “We have something from both the traditional and modern worlds. There are acoustic sounds from the grand piano and drums, combined with amplified electric guitar and bass.” Septinus adds that the kit’s sound, features, and finish—specifically its gorgeous look and unique wooden hoops—motivate him to play.

To check out the setup in action, search YouTube for “Fire Orange Project teaser.” And for info about Septinus, as well as more photos of the kit, check out

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