Top-notch, collector-level quality for the working drummer.

The Craviotto brand hardly needs an introduction to snare drum fans. The company has long been associated with craftsmanship, tone, and collectability, even to those of us who haven’t seen or played one in person. Each Craviotto drum is handcrafted to exact specifications to achieve the highest quality, and the prices of their Custom Shop drums often reflect this. However, the new Craviotto Heritage line of snares delivers this same quality at a more affordable price point—around $795.

A Fitting Tribute

The Heritage series snare is directly inspired by the 2017 Tribute series drums that were made in honor of company founder Johnny Craviotto, who passed away in the previous year. The Heritage drum uses the same 6×14 one-ply maple shell, Johnny C cast lugs, triple-flange hoops, Trick GS007 throw-off, twenty-strand snare wires, and natural satin oil finish. The Heritage snares feature 45-degree bearing edges and a subtle and classy red diamond inlay. The sharper bearing edges make the Heritage drums sound a bit brighter and more open than the Tributes. This provides access to a range of musical tones and overtones, which can be easily muffled if desired.

Visually, the Heritage series drum is gorgeous, as the satin oil finish showcases the grain of the maple. The red diamond inlay gives the drum a subtle yet distinctly Craviotto look. The eight Johnny C cast lugs are contoured to a diamond shape, which reflects light in a way that really brings the snare to life onstage.

Suitable Sounds for All Applications

Musically, the Heritage drum did exactly what we expected from a Craviotto. It had loads of tone, clarity, and sensitivity. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a tuning that doesn’t work well. Tuned low, it sounded warm and punchy without losing focus.

Medium tunings provided cracking rimshots while retaining plenty of warmth. High tunings gave all the cutting brightness and volume you could need without choking the tone. Snare sensitivity was phenomenal at all tunings and dynamics, and the drum didn’t lose body when the wires were tensioned tight and snappy.

The Heritage drum offered plenty of volume, thanks to the quarter-inch-thick single-ply maple shell. Rimshots cut through, and the drum produced a stunningly solid rimclick. In fact, on a super-quiet bossa nova gig, I had trouble playing rimclicks softly enough when using this drum. But across the entire dynamic range, from super-soft playing near the edge to dead-center fullvolume accents, you’ll get a very uniform tone and snare response.

Simply put, the Craviotto Heritage series 6×14 single-ply maple snare is a beautiful workhorse. It’s hard to imagine a setting where this drum wouldn’t fit in and excel. So if you’re in the market for a beautiful, handcrafted instrument that you can take out on any gig or session, this could be the ticket. Check out a video demo at