Brooklyn Standard Snare

Designed in collaboration with Mike Johnston, this 5.5×14, 6-ply, North American maple/poplar shell with double 45-degree bearing edges is said to produce a snappy, crisp sound with sensitivity. Features include extra-wide 42-strand chrome-plated wires and 302 hoops. The batterside tone control knob and muffler provides a supplementary muting option. The drum is finished in Satin Black Metallic with a Silver Sealer interior and is accentuated with Gretsch tube lugs, a Lightning throw-off, and Permatone heads by Remo. An inside identification label, signed by Mike Johnston, specifies the year of production.


UV2 Drumheads

These heads are made using two plies of 7 mil film. They offer a slightly punchier tone than traditional G2 heads, but with the same depth and attack. The patented UV-cured coating process provides durability and consistency of texture.


Powerpad Designer Snare Bag

The Powerpad bag, which is available in four color options and accented with suede, stores snare drums up to 6.5×14. The 20mm semi-hard cushion offers protection from damage, and its tuck-away backpack straps and ergonomic handle provide portability. The front pocket has enough space for a laptop, sheet music, or gig accessories.



EAD10 V2 Firmware

The V2 firmware for Yamaha’s EAD10 drum module adds new functionality and customizable settings. The TalkBack mode raises the gain on the microphone while dropping out effects and is activated using a drum pad or foot switch. Players can record for ninety minutes, and the click function is routable to the main stereo outputs and/or USB audio output. Additional new settings include Mic Noise Gate Threshold, which sets the opening noise level of the gate; Mic Noise Gate Release Time, which sets the amount of time the gate takes to close; and Jack Noise Reduction, which decreases static noises from cables. Forty-two new scenes optimized for triggers in quieter setups are also now available.


Type R Drumset

This 10-ply maple/birch hybrid drumset is said to be ideal for rock music and offer maximum projection. Features include ASPR Black Coated and Remo Clear heads, brass tube lugs, and black nickel or chrome hardware. Nine finishes are available.


Dyno-Matic Pedal

The Dyno-Matic pedal adjusts to fit bass drums from 18″ to 30″ in diameter and includes an independent chain cam, a beater hub, and spring arm movement for unlimited adjustment of the beater and pedal board. Additional features include a lever action, a quick-set/release hoop clamp, a cambered board, a quick-flip dual surface beater head, and an adjustable toe stop.