Starclassic Bubinga Exotix Tigerwood Drumkits

Starclassic Bubinga drumsets are now available with exotic wood finishes, Crimson Tigerwood Fade and Midnight Tigerwood Fade. The shells are made slightly thicker than those in the Starclassic Maple series to provide an aggressive attack, more powerful resonance, and a fuller, darker tone. Thirty shell sizes are available, with hardware finishes in Black Nickel, Chrome, and Smoked Black Nickel.



Maxx 5A Drumsticks

These .540″x16.5″ drumsticks are made with Ahead’s Hyper-Form process to provide 50% less shock and 5% more rebound than wood drumsticks. An alloy core offers consistent weight and balance of less than 1% variation, and the nylon tip provides a brighter, more articulate sound. Additional features include polyurethane replaceable covers, ergonomic handles, and a built-in vibration control system.


Orange County Drum & Percussion

Maple Hybrid Snare

The limited-edition 6.5×14 snare employs a 6-ply shell that provides a balanced sound between maple’s full-bodied high and mid frequencies and poplar’s rich lows. Two 1.75″ side ports enhance the drum’s big sound, and the Halo Flake finish sparkles when hit with stage lights. Shark-tooth offset lugs complete the look. List price is $199.99.


TRX Cymbals

CLS Series

Available in a selection of crashes, crash-rides, and hi-hats, CLS cymbals combine a dark, warm, classic sound with an exclusive Retro-Gray finish. The extra-thin B20 bronze models are handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths and are recommended for a variety of jazz, rock, and pop applications. Removable rivets on the CLS bottom hi-hat and crash-ride allow you to add a layer of trashiness when desired.


101 Drums

Shells and Snares

101 Drums constructs shells from oven-cured wood fibers that aren’t affected by cold, heat, or moisture. The shells are said to provide a deeper and rounder tone than conventional versions. Finished drums and shells are available from 4″ to 54″.


Porter & Davies

TT6-Equipped Throne

Containing Porter & Davies’ 1,000W TT6 transducer, this new throne can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk and is said to deliver “endless” levels of power. The portable throne fits into a standard snare drum case and includes backrest brackets.