Dyna-Sync Bass Drum Pedals

Direct-drive options with choice adjustments to serve all playing styles.


Tama excels at making top-quality drums at every price point. It also offers some of the most innovative, high-performing, and reliable hardware in the world. In particular, its Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra chain-drive bass drum pedals are revered for their power, speed, and durability. Now Tama is poised to take over the direct-drive market with its new Dyna-Sync single and double pedals. We were sent both versions to review, so let’s check them out.

The Features

The retro-sounding name of these pedals derives from what Tama has dubbed the Dynamic Synchronization System. This system consists of three elements. The first is the Optimized Transmission Design, which is a proprietary design that allows for nuanced beater and footboard angle adjustments to achieve an ideal balance of speed, power, and feel. The second element is the Dual Linkage, which connects the pedal to the cam at four points to maximize power and to stabilize the pulling motion. The third element is the Slidable Cam, which allows you to modify the response from the quick, transparent action of a direct-drive pedal to the more accelerated and powerful feel of a chain drive. With these additional features, Tama has succeeded in producing a high-quality direct-drive pedal that can be tailor-made to fulfill any user’s demands, even those who’ve traditionally avoided those of this ilk.

There are several other improvements incorporated into the Dyna-Sync pedals that are worth pointing out. The new black-felt beater is tapered so that it impacts flush with the bass drum head when the front of the drum is slightly elevated. The Sync-Coil spring, which is similar to the one used under the footboard on Tama’s Cobra Coil pedals but is made with heavier-gauge steel, helps return the footboard to its original position quicker. The main spring is mounted to a swivel, so there’s minimal torque placed on the spring during use. This results in a smoother, lighter, and more consistent action across the entire range of the beater stroke. Oiles bearings are employed in the heel hinge to reduce friction, and the Speedo-Ring cam has a built-in ball bearing to enhance the overall action of the pedal by allowing the spring to function freely.

In Use

The Dyna-Sync pedals are sleek looking and elegantly designed so that all the essential adjustment screws are easily accessible. The Para-Clamp II Pro hoop clamp has a swiveling rubber grip that can accommodate hoops of varying shapes and widths, and the thumbscrew is strategically positioned to the right of the footboard to allow for effortless tightening while seated at the kit. The springs have large, knurled nuts that are easy to access and grip to adjust tension, as are the three crucial screws used to make changes to the beater angle, footboard height/angle, and cam radius.

Out of the box, the Dyna-Sync pedals were set up to the midpoints of each adjustment. If you’re someone who likes to put a new pedal to use on the kit right away, rather than first exploring all the possible speed, power, and feel options, then the factory setting of the Dyna-Sync pedals will serve you well. Both the single and double pedals had a smooth, transparent feel that was neither too light nor too heavy, and the beater speed was consistent from start to finish. Essentially, the pedals responded accurately and precisely to how my feet moved.

Extending the radius of the cam gave the pedals a very light and lightning-quick action, which would serve well those players demanding extreme speed over power. Conversely, the shortest cam radius elicited a more powerful and accelerated beater stroke. More or less power could also be achieved by adjusting the beater/cam angle to be farther from or closer to the drumhead. The farther they were rotated back towards the footboard, the more torque and power the pedal possessed.

The angle adjustment that I found to be most surprisingly impactful was the one connected to the footboard. By lowering the footboard in relation to the drive linkage, I found that the pedals felt much lighter and quicker. Raising the footboard above the linkage made for a very powerful and energetic throw. The factory setting positions the footboard in line with the linkage and results in the most transparent feel. Regardless of how I chose to set the three adjustments on the primary pedal, I was able to perfectly match its feel, speed, and power with parallel adjustments to the secondary pedal.

The universal joints connecting the two pedals also exhibited no lag, friction, or latency, making for one of the most comfortable and symmetrical double pedals I’ve ever encountered. Combining that exemplary experience with the fact that users can drastically transform the feel of these pedals utilizing just a few simple and easily accessible adjustments, we feel confident that all drummers— regardless of playing styles—will find that the Dyna-Sync pedals meet and far exceed their needs. Check them out at your local Tama dealer or shop now at Sweetwater.