This month’s featured gem comes to us from Garrett Clagett of Annapolis, Maryland, who tells MD that he custom-ordered the Masters of Maple setup after hearing about the boutique drum manufacturer in 2015. “When it came time to purchase a kit, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beauty of the drums created by Sahir Hanif and his team,” Clagett says. “Even though I’d never personally played one of their kits, I felt comfortable making the investment based on their reputation within the industry and the positive reviews that I’d read from people who’ve played Masters of Maple.”

Clagett’s custom Neo-Classic setup consists of a 9×12 rack tom with a 9-ply gum/rosewood blend, a 14×16 floor tom with a 10-ply gum/mahogany blend, and a 16×22 bass drum with an 11-ply gum/mahogany blend—all in a Black Candy Fade finish with black nickel hardware. The drummer also uses a Masters of Maple Limited series 6.5×14 Brazilian rosewood/ maple snare.

“While small builders allow customization, I felt that it’s best to let artists be artists when it comes to the final design of the kit,” Clagett says. “My only requests to the company were that the wood grain was prominently featured and that the lugs had a beavertail design.”

Clagett says that the setup sounds even better than it looks, with a warm and punchy growl. “I couldn’t be happier with the final product. These drums are just as much a piece of art as they are an instrument for creating art.”

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