Superstar Hyper-Drive Duo Drumkit Series

This new drumkit features the Duo drum, which can perform as a conventional floor tom or as an extra-deep snare. The 10×14 drum is mounted on floor tom legs and fitted with a conventional snare strainer; other features include a maple shell with black nickel hardware and an aluminum Star-Cast mounting system. Flat Black Vertical Stripe, Satin Blue Vertical Stripe, and Satin Silver Vertical Stripe finishes are available. Purchase now from Amazon.



Noise Eater Drum Hardware

Designed specifically for electronic drums, this hardware set reduces transferable vibration via an air channel and rubber system that suspends the hardware off the ground. Noise Eater technology is offered in an assortment of pedals and stands. Purchase now from Amazon.


Simon Phillips Jazz Drums

VST Expansion Set

The Simon Phillips Jazz Drums expansion set is available for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4 software. Features include twenty jazz styles with funk, swing, Latin, and blues influences, more than 560 MIDI grooves, a wide range of brush hits and patterns, and tunable room and overhead microphone channels. Kit pieces include a kick drum, four toms, hi-hats, three rides, and crash cymbals from Phillips’ private collection. List price is $79.99.



MixerFace R4 Mobile Recording Interface

This handheld four-channel device turns a smartphone into a DAW, making it quick and easy to capture musical ideas, interviews, and field recordings. Features include built-in mic preamps with 48V phantom power, an internal rechargeable battery, a studio monitor output, and XLR jacks for mic, line, or instrument sources. Hi-Z inputs for electric guitar and bass, filters to cut noise, an adjustable zero-latency monitor control, and a headphone amp are included. MixerFace R4 is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and laptops. List price is $349.99. Purchase now from Amazon.



Nitro Mesh Electronic Drumkit

This eight-piece kit is ideal for beginner or intermediate drummers looking for a realistic, responsive playing experience in a compact setup that’s easy to transport. This kit has an 8″ dual-zone mesh snare, three 8″ mesh toms, three 10″ cymbals, Alesis hi-hat and kick pedals, and a four-post aluminum rack. The Nitro electronic drum module contains hundreds of drum and percussion sounds, forty drumkits, and sixty play-along tracks. An aux input connects a smartphone or music player. List price is $349. Purchase now from Amazon.