Seth Rausch, who’s currently touring with country superstar Keith Urban, met with MD to talk about his extensive setup that includes custom pieces, a bespoke snare, and a secondary electronic cocktail kit. The multitude of components was ideal for Urban’s diverse set list. “Keith’s shows have great energy, and a lot of elements from other genres come into play,” Rausch says. “I’m happy to be playing a bigger kit, and I really love the way it feels.”

Rausch’s favorite drum, a 4×15 snare with a 1.5 mm steel shell and a powder-coated black finish, was designed with help from fellow Nashville drummer Mark Beckett, and it was constructed by James Beier of Beier Drums. “It’s only four inches deep, but it’s fat with a great response,” says Seth. “It cracks. It’s my main snare and one of the best drums I’ve ever heard.” Rausch uses deadening rings to control the tone of the Beier and several other drums, and he had a custom rack welded with hooks to keep the rings organized. “I’m using 16″, 15″, and 13″ sizes,” he says. “I can easily take them off, and they’re labeled for quick access.”

Rausch’s cymbals include new models from Zildjian’s K Sweet line, an 18″ EFX that provides a quick accent, and a 22″ crash with holes and rivets. Seth’s signature model drumstick, the SR-1 by Innovative Percussion, is a beefed-up version of the company’s Legacy 3A model, which the drummer uses for studio work.

Rausch relies on the electronic components of his kit mostly to introduce certain songs. “The first verse of ‘The Fighter,’ for example, has a triggered kick and snare,” he says. “So that groove sounds electronic before I go to the main kit.”

At one point doing the show, Rausch, Urban, and bassist Jerry Flowers leave the main stage to play a fifteen-minute set on a satellite platform, which includes a stand-up electronic drumset. “We bought a bunch of Gibraltar rack parts and made this kit with six Roland SPD::ONEs, a KT-10 kick pedal trigger, and a TM-2 sound module,” says Rausch. “We loaded it with samples of my main kit.” Gen16 cymbals, including an 18″ crash and 14″ hi-hats, complete the setup. “It looks like a blown-up electronic xylophone or drum machine,” Rausch chuckles.

Drums: Gretsch Broadkaster in black satin finish
A. 4×15 Beier steel snare
B. 6.5×13 hammered bronze snare
C. 7×12 concert tom with Pearl Tru-Trac electronic head and Roland BT-1 bar trigger pad
D. 6×8 concert tom
E. 6×10 concert tom
F. 8×12 tom
G. 9×13 tom
H. 16×16 floor tom
I. 14×22 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 15″ K Sweet hi-hats
2. 18″ A EFX crash
3. 19″ K Sweet crash
4. 21″ K Sweet ride
5. 20″ K Dark crash
6. 22″ A crash customized with holes and rivets

Heads: Remo Emperor Coated batter on 15″ snare with Ambassador Hazy snare side, Ambassador X batter on 13″ snare with Ambassador Hazy snare side, Emperor Coated concert tom batters, Ambassador X tom batters and Ambassador Clear resonants, Powerstroke P3 Coated bass drum batter and Powerstroke P3 Black Suede on front

Hardware: Gibraltar, Roc-N-Soc throne

Sticks: Innovative Percussion SR-1

Electronics: Roland SPD-SX, KT-10 kick trigger pedal, and BT-1 bar trigger pad; 12″ Pearl Tru-Trac electronic head; Shure microphones

Accessories/Percussion: Big Fat Snare Drum dampening rings in various sizes, LP cowbell, and Innovative Percussion bass drum beater