Jim Keltner Collector’s Series ICON Snare

Crafted from eleven plies of hand-selected North American hard-rock maple with patented VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) grain orientation technology, this drum is finished with a veneer of laser-cut, hand-applied exotic and dyed-wood inlays inspired by Keltner’s vintage Collector’s series kit, signature aviator sunglasses, and California license plate. The 6.5×14 drum is outfitted with mini-turret lugs in weathered-looking Antique Brass. A Keltner fan club button, a set of wristbands, and a certificate of authenticity are also included within the DW carrying bag. Check it out at Sweetwater.




Available in various sizes, the hickory Physiostick features a handle that’s cut down to allow for six rubber segments to be stacked at the grip. This alteration is said to allow for the same volume and intensity as a traditional drumstick but with less effort. Four types of Physiogrips and 11,000 options are available for customization. The grips are said to prevent blisters and the dropping of sticks, and to help isolate vibration.



K361 and K371 Professional Studio Headphones

Both of these headphones are equipped with 50 mm drivers and oxygen-free copper coils. The K361 model is designed to deliver clear, detailed, and balanced lows, mids, and highs across an extended frequency range (15 Hz–28 kHz), while the K371 headphones sport titanium-coated diaphragms to deliver more detail across a wider frequency range (5 Hz–40 kHz). Their over-ear, closed-back design provides superior isolation, and the foam pads offer comfort and less low-frequency leakage. The ear cups swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring. Both models include a protective carrying pouch and detachable cables. The K371 lists for $149, the K361 for $99. Check it out at Sweetwater.




Ear-Q earplugs combine a reusable foam earplug with a high-fidelity water- and sweatproof acoustic filter. The foam has an open-air passage that is said to provide a natural and balanced sound. These ergonomic one-size-fits-all plugs offer 17 dB of noise reduction.



Elite Series Congas and Bongos

The Elite series offers polished contour rims and a choice of shell materials in Thai oak, seamless fiberglass, or a blend of both. Three new lacquer finishes include Mocha Burst, a high-contrast grain pattern over a deep brown burst; Merlot Burst, a deep wine-red grain finish complemented with gloss black; and Carmel Brown, which focuses on the rich brown texture and grain of Thai oak with a matte finish. All Elite series conga finishes are available with matching bongos. Check it out at Sweetwater.



Rhythm Watch

The RW200 features a dial for quick tempo adjustments and separate volume controls for quarter notes, 8ths, and triplets. Additional features include a large backlit display and a durable housing. Check it out at Sweetwater.



KX Thunder and AX Lightning Cymbals

Offered in 16″ and 18″ models, these vented cymbals are said to offer a unique, trashy sound when used alone or stacked and are recommended for traditional jazz, R&B, rock, pop, and metal.



Axelandor Kick Pedal Line

These lightweight pedals are available in single and double versions and feature an aluminum footboard. The multi-axe cam systems allow for three levels of adjustments, ranging from a perfect circle to an eccentric circle, allowing for different feels of drive.