Rock Perspectives

It’s an Open and Shut Case

By David Garibaldi

When playing consecutive sixteenth notes on the H.H., with eighth note and/or sixteenth note “swishes” in the pattern, the tendency upon closing the H.H. (at the end of the swish) with the L.F., is to double that note with the R.H. Many times the result of the R.H., L.F. playing the H.H. simultaneously is sloppiness. Precision and cleanliness of execution are desirable qualities, and all of today’s great drummers have developed them. The demands of contemporary music require the utmost in precise, accurate drumming. Here’s an interesting exercise concept that will help you become more aware of precision, so you can better coordinate your hands and feet.Rock Perspectives 1
Rock Perspectives 2

Notice that where the L.F. closes the H.H., the R.H. is omitted. The sound produced is much cleaner than when the L.F. and R.H. play together. Once you’ve gone through all sixteen exercises, add the following S.D./B.D. pattern and go through them all again.

Rock Perspectives 3


Simple, yes. But, any S.D./B.D. combination will work with these exercises, so have at it! I suggest writing the exercise out so you can see how all the limbs have to “line up” in each pattern.

This also can make a very interesting “reggae” concept. Let’s use Ex. 1 as an illustration:
Rock Perspectives 4


Instructions: (a.) B.D. on beats 2 and 4. (b.) Stick across rim with open H.H. (c.) T.T. on beat 3. (d.) R.H./H.H.; L.H./stick across rim, shifts one sixteenth note each exercise. So does the L.H./T.T. (e.) B.D. remains on beats 2 and 4 throughout each exercise.

Following these instructions, Example 2 would look like this:

Rock Perspectives 5

Now write out the rest of the exercises using the “reggae” concept.

God bless you and happy holidays!