AQ2 Series Drums

These 7-ply maple kits feature newly designed lugs and are available in 22″ Stage, 20″ Studio, Martini, Safari, and Bop configurations. The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within the AQ2 series. The new SmartMount isolation system produces a pure tone with optimal sustain and a minimal amount of hardware contact on the shell.


Stick Shield

The Stick Shield can be applied to any drumstick to make it more impact resistant. The drumset version is 3″ long and lists for $10.95. A version for marching sticks is 5″ long and lists for $18.25.


Splash Stacks and Swiss Medium Crashes

The 10″/8″ and 12″/10″ Splash Stacks offer a dry, crisp sound for fast rhythmic patterns. The brass tops feature the characteristic PSTX-style hole pattern of varying diameters. The bottoms are 2″ smaller, are made of 2002 bronze, and feature an inverted bell.

The 20″ PSTX Swiss Medium crash complements the PSTX series with an exotic, trashy crash with more volume and added attack.


Drumroll Stick Case

Designed in collaboration with drummer Grant Hutchison, the Drumroll is handcrafted in Scotland with waxed canvas, steel buckles, and heavy cotton straps for longevity. It features a name label on the front, pockets for up to thirty drumsticks, and an additional pocket for accessories. The Drumroll can be rolled up for travel and attached to a floor tom when unrolled. It’s available in a crottle red canvas with blaze orange details.

Gon Bops

Roberto Quintero Signature Drums

Crafted from premium fiberglass shells with Gon Bops California series contour hardware and custom Remo Skyndeep heads, these new hand drums produce deep, resonant bass tones and loud, cutting highs. Their balanced sound is said to be ideal for the stage or recording studio. The congas are offered in conga, tumba, and super tumba sizes, while the bongos feature a 7″ and 8.5″ pairing.


Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware

The Advanced Lightweight hardware pack includes two cymbal stands, a snare stand, and a hi-hat stand. The pieces in this sturdy, modern-style pack are made out of aluminum to improve portability. An included carrying case has enough space to fit the stands as well as a standard-size throne and bass drum pedal. The Advanced Lightweight hardware pack lists for $668. The hardware is also available individually: the cymbal stand and snare stand list for $149 each, and the hi-hat stand lists for $215.


TR-8S Rhythm Performer

The TR-8S offers a bank of preset drum sounds and samples, as well as an SD card slot for users to build custom kits. The Master FX and control knobs for each channel can be custom configured with effects parameters. Sixteen TR-REC buttons and the velocity-sensitive performance pad allow users to develop detailed grooves and fills with variable velocity, accents, flams, etc. The sequencer stores 128 patterns, with eight variations and three fills contained in each.

Six assignable audio outputs allow individual drum sounds to be processed and mixed externally. The TR-8S also functions as a multichannel USB audio/MIDI interface and supports Roland’s AIRA Link interfacing.


Armory Drum Series

The Armory Series now includes Desert Dune and Black Dawn finishes. The 6-ply, 7.2 mm hybrid shells are constructed of birch/maple/birch. The SONIClear bearing edges are said to reduce unwanted frequencies and provide a strong fundamental pitch.