His work with Frank Zappa, the Crimson ProjeKCt, Fredrik Thordendal, Bill Laswell, and the way forward-looking Mats/Morgan duo has been blowing us away for a couple decades now. Yet all that time, he’s never been predictable, never repeated himself, never had a “thing”—and maybe that’s why we love him most.   The career of Swedish drummer Morgan Ågren is proof that you needn’t adhere to typical scenarios to forge a unique professional path. With his childhood friend, keyboard player Mats Öberg, Ågren founded the Mats/Morgan Band, making some of the most arresting, daring, and enjoyable music this side of Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth. More striking, he began doing this when he was barely a teenager. Influenced by minimalism pioneer Steve Reich, French prog innovators Magma, American outrock legend Captain