Stickings That Rock

Part2: Exploring an Additional Hand Pattern

by Rich Redmond

In this lesson we’ll focus on another sticking that I acquired while working through George Lawrence Stone’s classic book Stick Control. The rhythm in the right hand is rooted in the first part of a 3:2 clave rhythm. (Think of the Bo Diddley rhythm on Johnny Otis’s “Willie and the Hand Jive.”)

The bass drum figures I’ve presented here are simple, but they sound great. Feel free to incorporate more dense bass drum patterns once you have these mastered. You can also change the feel and lope of the groove by applying the right-hand rhythm to auxiliary hi-hats, cowbells, crashes, rims, floor toms, and more. As always, practice with a metronome to lock in the groove. Have fun!

Rich Redmond drums for country star Jason Aldean, is an award-winning clinician, and is an active session drummer in Nashville and Los Angeles. His recent book/DVD, FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids (coauthored with Michael Aubrecht), is available through Modern Drummer Publications.