Product Close-Up


Little Roomer Drumset

A portable, on-the-go option for gigs and at-home practice.

Dixon is a full-line drum and hardware brand offering a range of affordable- to professional-grade drumsets, classic and modern snares, and innovative and reliable stands and pedals. The company also offers a trio of compact drumkits (Jet Set, Jet Set Plus, and Little Roomer) for players needing a portable kit for gigging in tight spaces or for those desiring a smaller, quieter option for practice and rehearsals.

The Jet Set and Jet Set Plus are designed to replicate the look and feel of a standard drumkit in smaller dimensions. (They come with 16″ bass drums.) The Little Roomer, which we have for review here, is more of an expansion pack that can be utilized to turn a standard cajon into a full drumset.

The Little Roomer comes with a 7×10 rack tom, a 10×13 floor tom with legs, and a 3.5×10 single-headed Jingle snare. The snare has a wire fan that makes contact with the underside of the drumhead, and there are several layers of steel jingles mounted within the shell. The snare and toms have natural-finish mahogany shells, triple-flange hoops, and plastic gasket–insulated mounting hardware. The toms come with clear two-ply drumheads on top and bottom, and the snare has a coated single-ply batter.

The Little Roomer kit also includes a double-braced hi-hat stand, a double-braced boom stand, two L-arm mounts (for the snare and rack tom), and a boom arm extension for mounting a second cymbal to the boom arm of the other stand. The L-arms are long enough so that a cowbell, tambourine, or woodblock can be mounted atop the one used for the Jingle snare.

The Little Roomer setup couples perfectly with Dixon’s Multi-Function Cajon pedal (sold separately), which is a remote bass drum pedal that allows you to place the beater in different places on the kit while keeping the footboard in the traditional position. The pedal comes with a bracket that mounts to a cajon so that the beater strikes the faceplate at the sweet spot where you get the most low-end thump. If you don’t own a cajon, you can also mount the beater to the underside of the floor tom to use the Little Roomer as a cocktail kit.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Little Roomer drumset. The toms tuned up easily and produced a full, round tone with even sustain and surprisingly deep low end (thanks to the softer mahogany shells). The Jingle snare is a unique instrument that’s somewhat sonically limited; it works best tuned fairly tight for a popcorn-type tone. But I was able to coax some lower drum machine–type sounds out of it by detuning the head and muffling it with several strips of tape. The jingles add a cool high-end texture, especially when hitting the snare with rimshots or when playing the drum without the wires engaged. Cajon players will enjoy the additional drumset tones that the Little Roomer provides without adding too much gear or taking up much floor space. Gigging drummers playing smaller venues (coffeehouses, local bars, etc.) will also appreciate the portability, controlled volume, and flexibility of this kit. And for players looking for some alternative sounds to inspire new ideas, the Little Roomer, which also doubles nicely as a small practice kit, offers a lot of options.

Michael Dawson