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Product Close-Up, where we review and supply multimedia for new products from the drum industry.

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Video Demo! Amedia – Kommagene Series Cymbals

These new cymbals are distinctly old-world in appearance, featuring flat profiles, unhammered bells, light and wide lathing, hand-hammered bows, and a proprietary aged finish, but they’re built for modern strength and stability. We were sent a set that included 15″ hi-hats, an 18″ crash, a 22″ ride, and a 20″ flat ride. Let’s check them out.

Provenance 4x14 VW Snare

Video Demo! Provenance 4×14 VW Snare

This month we have another unique drum with some historic mojo: a 4×14 steel snare built from the side panel of a 1962 Volkswagen van. The shell is largely untouched, so it has the original paintwork on the outside and a black under-seal rust-prevention treatment on the inside. The 45-degree edges, which were rolled, are the only parts that have been lacquered, to prevent further corrosion.

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Video Demo: Handheld Tambourines

Whether you’re an aspiring session musician, a home studio owner, or the drummer in an original band that’s about to record its first album, it’s very likely that you’re going to be asked to layer some percussion over your drum tracks at some point in the process. While it may seem easy enough, it takes a significant amount of practice to get control of even the most basic techniques for frequently overdubbed percussion instruments like shakers, congas, and tambourines. And those instruments come in dozens of varieties, with each offering a unique timbre that can perfectly complement the track—or obliterate it….


Video Demo: Zildjian K Custom Dark Crashes

Zildjian’s product catalog already covers a wide swath of tones, from the bright, all-purpose sound of the A series to the deeper, warmer vibe of the K line to the vintage-like complexity of Constantinople and Kerope models. The K Custom series is an offshoot of the basic K and is where the company places its more contemporary and modern designs, like the popular half-lathed Hybrids and unique rides like the Special Dry, High Definition, and Organic….

PCU - Tru Tuner

Video Demo: Tru Tuner Rapid Drumhead Replacement System

Regardless of where you stand on whether we actually tune or simply tension drums, an indisputable fact is that we have to remove and replace tension rods one at a time, or two if you use two drum keys, when changing a drumhead. And sometimes heads break at the worst time, like in the middle of a gig or recording session. So how can a change be made as quickly and efficiently as possible? The Tru Tuner Rapid Drumhead Replacement System ($74.99) offers one solution, with a claim that it can help you change a head in just about a minute….

PCU - Hendrix African Padauk Snare

Video Demo: Hendrix African Padauk Snare

The Archetype series from Hendrix Drums is a high-end line of ultra-thin stave-shell snares. The company claims that the drums, with their exotic woods and world-class hardware, are some of the most versatile on the market. The series includes various wood options, including American black walnut, African sapele, and American black cherry. Our review sample is a 6×14 African padauk ($1,059 street price). We had an incredible time pushing this drum to its limits to hear everything it could do….

Soultone Noa Cymbal Pack

VIDEO DEMO: Soultone Noa Cymbal Pack

When putting together its first pre-pack, the Noa, Soultone wanted to keep the price down without sacrificing quality. To do that, the company decided to use the same B20 bronze alloy from its high-end series, but with the options limited to a simple, compact three-piece package comprising 13″ hi-hats, a 16″ crash, and a 19″ ride. The pack also comes with a Soultone-branded gig bag….

Vater Product Close-Up - November

Video Demo: Vater New Nude Sticks, Player’s Design Models, and Sound-Enhancing Accessories

Vater is good about balancing its catalog with highly practical products and innovative designs and accessories. This year the company introduced unfinished versions of two of its most popular “rock” models, the 1A and 3A, and added custom designs for Primus’s Tim Alexander and 311’s Chad Sexton. Also new are two sizes of clear muffling gels, the Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Dry, and a couple of inventive StickMates, which allow you to add shaker or tambourine textures to your grooves via a slim, lightweight plastic grip attachment. It’s all very cool stuff, so let’s take a look….

Sun & Stars Collection Snare Drums

VIDEO DEMO: Gaai Sun & Stars Collection Snare Drums

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the November 2015 issue, which is available here. Product Close-Up Gaai Sun & Stars Collection Snare Drums One-of-a-kind hand-cut finishes and classic maple tones…with a twist. Gaai Drums is…

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VIDEO DEMO: Pearl Wood Fiberglass Drumset

While American companies like Ludwig, Slingerland, and Gretsch established their now-classic drum sounds in the late ’60s with all-wood makeups (3-ply maple/poplar or mahogany/poplar for Ludwig and Slingerland, 6-ply maple/gum for Gretsch), something a bit more adventurous was taking place across the Pacific Ocean at the Pearl factory….