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Category: Product Close-Up

Product Close-Up, where we review and supply multimedia for new products from the drum industry.

Cymbal Packs

Video Demo: Zildjian A391 and Paiste PST7 Cymbal Packs

So you’ve never considered a cymbal pack before and generally like to purchase cymbals one at a time based on what your needs are at the moment? That’s totally understandable. But could there be some great advantages to buying a handful of cymbals at one time? Like anything that can be purchased in bulk, you’ll often get a better deal.

PCU - Natal, Arcadia Kit

Video Demo: Natal – Arcadia Series

The last time we checked out Natal, we talked about their vision to offer a range of high-level drumsets. Each kit comes with the same high-quality components, but it was the species of wood that differentiated each model. The company recently expanded on that concept and is now offering entry-level kits, called the Arcadia series. The purpose of this lineup is to provide worthy contenders in the $600 to $800 price range, in both rock- and jazz-size configurations, the latter of which we were sent for review. Let’s take a look.

Remo - Dorado Cajon

Video Demo! Remo – Dorado Cajon

Remo’s new Dorado cajon is a traditional fixed-faceplate instrument that’s handcrafted in California using birch plywood and high-quality compression springs with over 400 coils. The cajon has deep resonance and a lot of versatility. The increased low-end resonance is a result of its construction. Rather than having a faceplate that’s screwed into place, the front is completely sealed to the rest of the drum. This allows the low-end frequencies to resonate naturally as you play. The Dorado cajon is available in two different finishes, natural and amber….

Liberty - Jazz Series Drumset

Video Demo! Liberty – Jazz Series Drumset

Liberty Drums is a UK-based manufacturer that builds its own shells from nearly limitless timbers and veneers into a wide range of handcrafted drumsets and snares. In addition to allowing drummers to design custom kits online at, the company also offers preconfigured setups in several series, such as Cast Acrylic, Rock, Fusion, Avant, and Jazz, which is what we have for review this month….

Beier - Steel Snares

Video Demo! Beier – 15″ Steel Snare Drums

There’s been a bit of buzz building around the snares coming from Jim Beier’s shop in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Blue Öyster Cult’s Jules Radino, Olivia Newton-John’s Mark Beckett, and Charlie Daniels’ Pat McDonald have been using them live, and Nashville session ace Tommy Harden has been singing Beier’s praises in the studio. (I first became aware of Beier’s handi-work from following Harden’s posts on Instagram.)…

PCU - TRX, DRK Series

Video Demo! TRX – New DRK Series Cymbals

TRX has released several new options in the past year or so, including the Blends series, which was reviewed in our July 2015 issue. The company’s latest offering, the New DRK series, balances out its overall lineup nicely by offering some warm, dark, classic sounds with pre-drilled holes for rivets….

KO.R.22 (2)

Video Demo! Amedia – Kommagene Series Cymbals

These new cymbals are distinctly old-world in appearance, featuring flat profiles, unhammered bells, light and wide lathing, hand-hammered bows, and a proprietary aged finish, but they’re built for modern strength and stability. We were sent a set that included 15″ hi-hats, an 18″ crash, a 22″ ride, and a 20″ flat ride. Let’s check them out.

Provenance 4x14 VW Snare

Video Demo! Provenance 4×14 VW Snare

This month we have another unique drum with some historic mojo: a 4×14 steel snare built from the side panel of a 1962 Volkswagen van. The shell is largely untouched, so it has the original paintwork on the outside and a black under-seal rust-prevention treatment on the inside. The 45-degree edges, which were rolled, are the only parts that have been lacquered, to prevent further corrosion.