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Video Demo! DW – Collector’s Series Cherry/Mahogany Drumset

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the January 2017 issue, which is available here.

Product Close-Up

Drum Workshop

Collector’s Series Cherry/Mahogany Drumset

Deep, pure tones and ultimate clarity.

The Collector’s Series is DW’s flagship line, comprising a variety of single-species shell types (maple, cherry, and red oak) and hybrid mixtures, such as the poplar/maple Classics, the maple/gum Jazz, and the bamboo/birch Eco-X. Adding deeper- and darker-sounding mahogany to the mix, DW has created new shells that combine it with maple and cherry. We were sent a gorgeous glossy lacquered Collector’s Series Cherry/Mahogany kit to review.

Michael Dawson

For the complete review, check out the January 2017 issue, which is available here.

January 2017 issue featuring Chris Dave

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