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Paper-Thin Crashes, TriHats, and Libor Hadrava Stacks

Musical, affordable, and versatile options from Canada’s twelve-year-old “newcomer.”
Since 2005, Dream Cymbals and Gongs has been providing competitively priced handcrafted instruments that are designed by professional Canadian percussionists and manufactured by expert metalsmiths in China. The company’s product line includes traditional Chinese effects (Lion, Han, and Jing), interesting contemporary designs (Re-Fx), and five different drumset cymbal categories. These include thin Bliss and Vintage Bliss lines, the medium-weight Contact series, the heavier Energy models, and the raw Dark Matter cymbals.This month we’re reviewing a few cool additions to Dream’s catalog: Paper-Thin Bliss crashes (14″–19″), two sets of 14″ TriHats, which come with three different cymbals to allow for a wide range of sonic options, and the equally versatile 10″ and 14″ Libor Hadrava signature stack packs, which include a Bliss series pang and a Contact series splash/crash.

Michael Dawson

For the complete review, check out the March 2016 issue, which is available here.

Paper-Thin Bliss Crashes

TriHat Elements Set

Diversity Set

Libor Hadrava Stacks