Video Demo! DrumLite – LED System

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the January 2017 issue, which is available here.

Product Close-Up


LED System

Quick installation, easy connection, and huge visual impact.

Drummers Jeff Sevaldson and Joey Nesbitt established DrumLite in 2011 in an effort to pump up the visual appeal of the drumset. What they created is an easy-to-install LED system comprising RGB light strips with 3M foam-backed adhesive and a preconfigured plug-and-play cable snake that has connectors that fit through the vent holes.

The cable connects to a simple controller that allows you to select between eight static colors and six flashing and fading modes. You can also adjust the rate of the flash/fade, and the overall brightness can be dialed in from soft and subtle to bright and bold. A wireless remote is included so you can control the system from off stage or while sitting at the kit.

Michael Dawson
For the complete review, check out the January 2017 issue, which is available here.

January 2017 issue featuring Chris Dave