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On The Beat with Ole Nesset of Death by Unga Bunga: Talks Band, Tours, and Drumkit

Death By Unga Bunga at the stage during Stavernfestivalen in Stavern on July 8, 2016. Photo by Tore Saetre Hello, fellow drummers! My name is Ole Nesset and I am from Norway. I just got back home after a month…

Modern Drummer
Dec 7, 2017

Drummer Blog: The Future Laureates’ Rob Durkee Talks Passion and Influences

Photo by Kaitlyn McQuaid Hello! If you were to tell me less than ten years ago that I was going to grow up and be a drummer, I likely would have thought you were insane. There was not a musical…

Modern Drummer
Jan 19, 2015

Duncan Burnett of Mime Game

Yo, yo, yo! What’s up beautiful people of Modern Drummer? My name is Duncan Burnett. I am a twenty-four-year-old artist/musician/producer from the middle of the map—Olathe, Kansas to be exact. I got my start on drums like a lot of…

Modern Drummer
Mar 27, 2014

Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco

Hi MD. My name is Scarlett Stevens and I’m from Fremantle, Western Australia. I have been playing drums since I was ten years old, but it wasn’t until this year that I made drumming my full-time focus. I started a…

Modern Drummer
Jul 19, 2013

Dwayne Scott of Alabaster

Hi, MD readers! I still have my very first issue of Modern Drummer—February 1989. Bill Bruford is on the cover. The first song I ever learned to play as a very young kid is in that issue, “Pour Some Sugar…

Modern Drummer
May 10, 2013

MD columnist Stephen Bidwell at SXSW

For a little over a week in the middle of March, Austin, Texas gets invaded by several branches of the entertainment industry. The South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference started out in the late 1980s as a showcase for the…

Modern Drummer
Apr 25, 2013

Matt Halpern SXSW Master Class

  Watch this thirteen-minute clip of Periphery’s Matt Halpern in clinic. The session was filmed at this year’s SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, during Indie Ambassador’s  party at the Soho Lounge. This was Matt’s demonstration of polyrhythmic concepts, in answer…

Modern Drummer
Apr 4, 2012

Will Noon of Fun SXSW Tour Blog

The sun sets over El Paso, and over Juarez as well—which is apparently the murder capital of the world. So I regretfully agree to enter round two in my search for decent Mexican food in El Paso. 0 for 2…

Modern Drummer
Mar 30, 2012

Evan Howard of Deadbeat Darling

Hey, all Modern Drummer readers! My name is Evan Howard, and I play drums for the NYC band Deadbeat Darling. The group has been spending a lot of time in the U.K. since signing with Spearhavoc Records/William Morris U.K. We…

Modern Drummer
Mar 6, 2012

Ezra Oklan with Nicole Atkins & the Black Sea

Hello, readers! My name is Ezra Oklan, and I’m a thirty-three-year-old drummer based out of Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been writing music, recording, and playing since I was eight years old. I studied at the New School for Jazz…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2011

Mike Curran Of Add-2

Hi, I’m Michael Curran and I was born in Berwyn, Illinois, and raised in Stickney, later moving to Naperville for better schooling. I grew up listening to my father play the keyboards and discovering how to make music. My Uncle…

Modern Drummer
Apr 10, 2011

Tommy Roalson of Alpha Rev

Hello, my fellow Modern Drummers! The dust has settled in our hometown of Austin, where we had a busy SXSW schedule of showcases including VH1’s official opening party and others for ASCAP, YouTube, and various local news and radio entities.…

Modern Drummer
May 14, 2010