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On the Beat With Muncie’s Anna Cucciardo: The Challenges of Touring With a Baby

My previous Modern Drummer blog told the tale of a pregnant drummer—eighty-three gigs across the country during the nine months that I had a tiny human developing inside of me. (You can check out that story here) Although it was…

Modern Drummer
May 27, 2015

Drummer Blog: Happy Fangs’ Jess Gowrie Shares Play-Through Video of Unreleased Track

I joined Happy Fangs almost a year ago, and in that time we have toured the East Coast, had a North-by-North East (NXNE) showcase, and played CMJ. We also recorded the band’s first full-length record, titled Capricorn, which will be…

Modern Drummer
Dec 23, 2014

Drummer Blog: The Color Morale’s Steve Carey Walks Through the Drumming for “Prey For Me???

Hello, MD readers. I’m Steve from the band the Color Morale, and I wanted to fill you in on the drumming for our song “Prey For Me,” from our latest album, Hold On Pain Ends. We co-wrote this song with…

Modern Drummer
Dec 3, 2014

Rob Mitzner of I’m in You

Hello, Modern Drummer readers! It’s my pleasure to be back with you on this blog. Since I wrote you three years ago, I’ve had some incredible musical experiences, including a performance for President Obama in my hometown of Washington, DC,…

Modern Drummer
Dec 4, 2013

Melanie Krahmer of Sirsy

Hi MD! My name is Melanie Krahmer, and I love drumming! Unlike many other artists, I picked up my first pair of drumsticks out of necessity for the band. Sirsy started as a simple, acoustic duo with my co-writer, band…

Modern Drummer
Aug 19, 2013

Luke Roberts of “Let It Be??? Beatles Tribute

My name is Luke Roberts, and I’m a drummer, vocalist, and composer based in London. May I start off by saying what an honor it is for me to write a blog for the wonderful readers of Modern Drummer. For…

Modern Drummer
Aug 7, 2013

Linear Fills, Part 1 (UPDATED)

September 2010 Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic Linear Fills, Part 1 by Mike Johnston In this video, MD columnist Mike Johnston demonstrates some of the linear patterns based on 16th-notes that are included in his article from the September 2010 issue of…

Modern Drummer
Jul 25, 2013

Mike Dillon’s Adam Gertner

My name is Adam Gertner. I’m twenty-three years old, and for the past eighteen months I’ve been touring with drummer and percussionist Mike Dillon. For those of you who have never heard his name, you are missing out. Mike has…

Modern Drummer
Jul 1, 2013

Joe Vitale

Hello, drum world! Joe Vitale here, and so proud to be a fellow drummer and fan of Modern Drummer. I just returned from an amazing week in Las Vegas, where I was a counselor at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 10, 2013

Steve Grantley of Stiff Little Fingers and RT-Zed

Hello! My name is Steve Grantley. I have been playing drums with legendary punk band Stiff Little Fingers for the last seventeen years. I was also a member of the Alarm for twelve years and have worked with Glen Matlock…

Modern Drummer
Apr 5, 2013

Andrew Cook of A Rocket to the Moon

Hello friends! I feel honored to have been given the chance to write my second blog for Modern Drummer. To catch you up a bit on what’s been going on in the world of A Rocket to the Moon, in…

Modern Drummer
Mar 15, 2013

Paul Wandtke of Dead Original

Hey, MD world! The last time I wrote a blog here was in September of 2010, when I drummed for Kill Hannah during an intimate main support run with the Smashing Pumpkins. Before I begin, I’d like to say that…

Modern Drummer
Feb 25, 2013

Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots

Hi! I’m Josh, and I play drums in a band called Twenty One Pilots. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life—except for maybe swimming in the ocean once with dolphins in sight. But for real, it’s…

Modern Drummer
Feb 5, 2013

Ernie Durawa of Texas Tornados

Well, it’s 2013. I will say that 2012 was a good year full of music for me. I spent most of the year touring with the Texas Tornados. We went from Texas to San Francisco to Switzerland and just about…

Modern Drummer
Jan 18, 2013