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Hello, drum world! Joe Vitale here, and so proud to be a fellow drummer and fan of Modern Drummer.

I just returned from an amazing week in Las Vegas, where I was a counselor at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. I had no idea what to expect, other than it sure sounded like something I’d like to do. Well, it was more than I ever expected. I met so many wonderful people, all sharing the same dream. They got a chance to learn from talented counselors and then had the opportunity to jam with Sammy Hagar, Steve Vai, and our music director Kip Winger.

I’ve been playing music all my life, and I wish I could have had the chance to attend such a life-changing event when I first started out. David Fishof has created a golden opportunity for any musician wanting to be better at what they do, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, singing, songwriting, or any other aspect of the music world.

We, the counselors, had four to five players each to form a band, rehearse for three days, and then perform live in front of a huge audience at the MGM Grand Hotel. From day one, I could see rapid improvement in all the rehearsal rooms. We shared thoughts and ideas, and the camaraderie between the staff, counselors, and campers was amazing. Imagine that—all for one and one for all! Advertisement

There were instruments and amps set up on the stage in the recital room, so we just used the gear as it was. Everybody was treated with great respect. We cheered each other on, laughed, and high-fived. What a memorable time! The week was filled with so much joy, and for me personally, the three-piece jam I did with Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai—Wow! I was so honored to be on the same stage as those two monster players.

I loved this experience so much that I can’t wait to counsel again at the Brian Wilson/Jeff Beck camp (April 18-21). Unbelievable—two of my idols.




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