Drummer Blog: The Color Morale’s Steve Carey Walks Through the Drumming for “Prey For Me???

Hello, MD readers. I’m Steve from the band the Color Morale, and I wanted to fill you in on the drumming for our song “Prey For Me,” from our latest album, Hold On Pain Ends. We co-wrote this song with our producer Mike Green with the mindset of writing a straightforward rock song that had an out-of–the-box style of drumming. I wanted to be challenged as a drummer, so this song showcases a lot of tom work that is actually considered my weak spot.

I’m always trying to improve on every record, and this was a perfect chance that I wanted to capitalize on. Throughout the song you’ll hear tom and double bass work really driving the momentum, making this one of the most enjoyable songs for me to play live and hopefully for the listener to hear!

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