This solo was transcribed from the album entitled, The Main Man—Jo Jones, recorded in November 1976, and released on the Pablo label. The solo is heard toward the end of “Adlib” which appears on side 1, cut 3.

Jones keeps the first half of his solo light in texture. He gives a sense of unpredictability by incorporating two measures of five-four time (mm 10-11), by occasionally putting “empty” bars between phrases (mm 16-17, 26-27), and by briefly establishing a three-four feel in the snare drum (mm 28-30). Starting in measure 32, Jones relies on well-constructed four-bar phrases to steadily build the intensity and bring the solo to a logical climax. The pattern in the final two measures was a typical swing-era device for bringing the band back in.

Adlib 1

Adlib 2

Adlib 3

Adlib 4