October 1981 – Volume 5 • Number 7


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Articles in October 1981

Drum Soloist - Jo Jones -"Adlib"

This solo was transcribed from the album entitled, The Main Man—Jo Jones, recorded in November 1976, and released on the Pablo label. The solo is heard toward the end of "Adlib" which appears on side 1, cut 3. Jones keeps…

by Richard Egart
May 25, 2017

Rock Perspectives - "Playing Rock Music Is Not Dumb"

The following material is similar to the Rock Perspectives column regarding Swiss Army Triplets (July 1981). It's different enough to present additional technical challenges. These particular exercises can be of special benefit to the right foot (bass drum) because of…

by David Garibaldi
May 25, 2017

Nazareth's Darrell Sweet Interview October 1981

Being a member of a group affords a musician a certain amount of security, but it also demands a sacrifice. The security comes from the fact that the individual does not have to face the world alone.

by Rick Mattingly
May 25, 2017

A Tribute to Billy Gladstone

To those unfamiliar with the name, suffice it to say that Billy Gladstone was one of the percussion world's most legendary figures.

by Ted Reed
May 25, 2017

Jim Chapin - Father of Independence

The Chapin Book. Sooner or later every serious drummer has to master it.

by Rick Mattingly
May 25, 2017

Tommy Aldridge: Business Wise

Not a week would go by without letters asking,

by Scott K. Fish
May 25, 2017

Shelly Manne

Many of the things that drummers take for granted today would never have come about if someone hadn't dared to try it first; if some pioneer hadn't crossed over into unexplored territory; if some drummer hadn't found a new way of propelling a band.

by David Levine
May 25, 2017