Aric Improta

by Ben Meyer

The Night Verses drummer has masterminded a multi-player video whose variety of styles, setups, and sounds make it one of the most compelling percussive productions in recent memory.

As fans await the new Ross Robinson–produced album by Night Verses, the band’s quirky drummer, Aric Improta, is keeping his many followers entertained with his video “Drum Chain: 9 Drummers, 1 Song,” which at press time had amassed more than 330,000 views since first being posted last August. “The objective was for each drummer to compose his own section of a song,” Improta says. “The only rules were that they would get eighteen bars at 140 bpm and that they had to match a similar fill at the end. Once they sent me their compositions, I tried to tie it together and order it in a way that felt cohesive. I then sent the full track to Nick DePirro and Reilly Herrera of Night Verses to compose a song around it. This video is the final result. None of the drummers were aware of what anyone else was playing when they wrote their section.”

Featuring up-and-coming and established players that Improta met while touring in support of Night Verses’ 2013 album, Lift Your Existence, the video captures not only a taste of the participants’ musical identities but also the reality of their practice spaces, offering an intimate peek into each drummer’s unique creative environment. In addition to Improta, the featured timekeepers include Anup Sastry of Monuments, Mike Ieradi of Protest the Hero, Matt Lynch of Trioscapes, Loniel Robinson of Letlive, Billy Rymer of Dillinger Escape Plan, Garrett Henritz of HRVRD and Fol Chen, Alex Bent of Battlecross and Arkaik, and Joseph Arrington of A Lot Like Birds and Sianvar.