March Kit of the Month

The Iceland–based drummer Jón Óskar Jónsson uses this month’s featured setup with singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Sóley. Jonsson played this compact C&C kit on a summer 2017 tour with the artist, who he’s been performing with since 2010.

“It’s a C&C Super Flyer,” Jónsson says, “with a 7×13 maple/poplar/ maple snare, a 16concert floor tom, and an 8×18 bass drum. I have a matching 12tom, but I don’t need it for this gig.”

The setup includes a Roland TM-2 trigger module and BT-1 pads, and a mix of cymbals. “The hi-hat top is a 12splash paired with a flat bottom cymbal from the 12Sabian Jam Master hi-hats,” Jónsson explains. “Since I don’t need a ride for this music, my biggest cymbal is a very dry and dark 16Bosphorus Turk series crash, which I ride on occasionally. Then I have two cymbal stacks and various percussion instruments.”

Jónsson says that the kit’s comparatively small drum sizes allow him to play at the very low volumes the Sóley gig requires. “Another big plus,” he says, “is that I can fit the whole kit—everything except the stands and my mixer—inside a bass drum case. I open up the bass drum head and put the snare inside, the floor tom goes into a bag, and inside the floor tom I have another bag with my electronics, pads, and percussion. This all goes on top of the bass drum. The floor tom legs, old-school cymbal stand, and stick bag go vertically alongside the bass drum. The cymbal bag, which was designed by my wife and sewn by my mom, sits on top of everything.

“Since I live in Iceland, we always need to fly everywhere,” adds Jónsson. “So with this setup I can easily fly to most places, at least in Europe, because it’s only one extra bag. I just close the bass drum case, and I’m ready to go.”

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