Black Panther Design Lab Drumkits

The Black Panther Design Lab Versatus drumset features hybrid maple and mahogany shells. Plies get progressively thicker, depths graduate by .5, bearing edges change, and the size of the SAS reinforcement rings are modified as the drums get larger in diameter.

The Cherry Bomb drumset offers a unique sound using 1 mm plies of cherry. High toms descend in .5depths to retain drive and punch. This kit is said to create a hybrid of the classic sounds of vintage drums with modern hardware and designs.

Ahead Armor Rolling Hardware Sled


Armor Rolling Hardware Sled

This 38x16x14, heavy-duty rolling case, designed by Ogio, is constructed with a reinforced bottom section built to withstand the rigors of the road. Additional features include weather- resistant and double-stitched 600-denier polyester fabric, oversized wheels, double-locking adjustable straps, and a fully retractable handle. Available at your local music store or Amazon.


Alesis Stike Multipad


Strike MultiPad

The Strike MultiPad is designed to allow users to sample any sound or effect and create loop-based recordings. The module includes more than 8,000 samples and loops, 32 GB of storage, and a variety
of melodic instruments, while the 4.3
display makes editing easy. Additional features include a two-input/ two-output USB audio and MIDI interface, nine velocity- sensitive pads with customizable RGB lights, five built-in effects processors, three kit effects, one master effect, a compressor, and an equalizer. Pro Tools First and Ableton Live Lite software are included.



Star Reserve Snare Drum Vol. 5

This 7×14, 10 mm snare is constructed of sixteen stave pieces of hard and dense jatoba wood. The three large vent holes are designed to make the drum’s attack more open and promote projection. Star series die-cast hoops and hi-carbon snare wires add sensitivity and also enhance projection.

Soundbrenner Core Music Tool


Core Music Tool

This wearable four-in-one smart music tool includes a vibrating metronome that can be used alone or in synchronization with up to ten devices worn by other musicians. The Magnetic Twist Tuner allows the Core to twist off from its base and magnetically attach to a guitar. The decibel meter monitors the surrounding volume levels and alerts the user when they become potentially harmful. The Core can also receive push and call notifications from a smartphone.

MiniMuff Drum Damper

Mr. Muff  

MiniMuff Drum Damper

The polyester MiniMuff external damper mounts to a drum’s rim via a clip. The amount of damping is variable by adding or removing weight, and a concealed magnet powers the on/off function. No permanent modification to the drum is required.

Innovative Percussion

Innovative Percussion

A7X Brooks Wackerman Signature Stick

The 16.5A7X Brooks Wackerman signature stick was designed specifically for the needs of today’s modern rock/metal drummer. The .626diameter expands slightly to .630at the shoulder to promote a powerful sound while allowing the user to maintain speed for faster passages. The stick has a mild taper from the shoulder to the bead to keep the stick evenly balanced. The barrel-shaped bead provides a bold yet clear cymbal sound.