PRODUCT CLOSE-UP Sabian HH Remastered Cymbals by Michael Dawson A few thousand extra hammer strokes later, and the line that launched the brand is better than ever. For the past couple years, Canadian cymbal company Sabian has been revamping its manufacturing to put greater focus on the old-world hand-hammered stage of its process. We saw the initial results of those efforts with the introduction of the gnarly, funky Big & Ugly series early last year. For 2016, Sabian decided to give a similar treatment to the line that the company made its initial launch with in 1982, the Hand-Hammered (HH) series. Each HH model is now hammered—by a human being—at least 3,000 times in an effort to bring out more complexity and tone. These new “remastered” HH cymbals feature thinner and more musical crashes, broader and richer rides