Star Reserve Volume 4 Snare

This snare’s copper shell is hand-hammered by master metal craftsmen in Japan and is said to produce a fat sound and rich resonance coupled with an extreme dynamic range. Also featured on this drum are Tama’s 2.3mm Brass Mighty Hoops, which have a reduced outer-flanged edge for a sharper and brighter attack. The drum comes with a Liner-Drive strainer and butt plate, Remo Coated Ambassador and Hazy Snare Side heads, Star one-piece lugs, and Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon wires. List price is $1,657.04.




Colortone Drumheads

Remo’s Colortone drumheads feature proprietary Skyndeep Imaging Technology and offer the same projection, tone, and durability associated with the company’s popular Powerstroke 3, Powerstroke 77, and Emperor models.

Available in 13″ and 14″ sizes, Powerstroke 77 Colortone snare drum heads are constructed with two plies of Mylar film with an added 5mil Controlled Sound dot on top and a 7mil dampening underlay ring for a powerful, focused attack. Emperor Colortone heads are constructed with two plies of Mylar film and are available in 8″ through 18″ sizes. Powerstroke 3 bass drum heads are constructed with single-ply 10mil film combined with a 10mil underlay dampening ring and are available in 18″ through 26″ sizes.



SJC Custom Drums

Heirloom Kit

The Heirloom kit combines custom looks with a warm, vintage tone. The 6-ply hybrid shells are made of mahogany, poplar, and maple and are finished in Custard Yellow. Handcrafted maple reinforcement rings work with vintage-style round-over edges to provide a full, punchy attack. The toms feature shallower depths (7.5×13 rack and 14×16 floor), which increases their responsiveness and gives the kit a distinct appearance. The bass drum hoops are finished in zebrawood.





This multi-format audio plugin is designed for high-precision sample triggering from a variety of sources such as triggers, e-drum pads, and microphones. Using a standard audio interface, apTrigga analyzes the incoming audio signals to detect transients. The built-in sampling is said to quickly and efficiently create custom multi-velocity presets.

The optional Digitalelements sound set is a collection of close-miked drum samples designed for triggering in a live or studio setting. The set includes a variety of acoustic and analog presets that have been multi-sampled with a high level of detail for a natural-sounding performance. List price for the apTrigga3 is $69. The apTrigga3 plus the sound set is $89.



U.S. Drum Supply

Fat Hoops

Made of aluminum, Fat Hoops are said to provide a dense, full sound that’s ideal for rimshots and rimclicks. A wood-grain finish is applied to the metal to provide a vintage look. The company’s proprietary finish operation allows for unlimited options. Fat Hoops come with a lifetime warranty.




Drum Accessory Cases

An outer ballistic nylon shell and dense inner foam are said to make Basal’s accessory case strong and durable. Two cavities hold miscellaneous equipment, with additional compartments for a drum key, headphone jacks, a USB stick, dampening devices, and in-ear monitors.

Constructed from heavy-duty materials but with a lightweight feel, Basal’s Metronome Watch and Metronome Boss cases safely store Tama RW200 and Boss DB90 metronomes.

Basal’s Blank 300 can be used for various types of gear, and their Cable Bag stores microphone and instrument cables.




Practice Tips

Vater Practice Tips are made of a durable and pliable rubber material and provide a quick and easy way for drummers to quietly practice on any hard surface. They can also be used while playing acoustic drums for a unique tone with reduced volume, or they can be used on electronic drumsets for less impact noise on the pads. Two pairs of tips list for $10.25.