Consummate touring/recording drummer Ben Homola has recently been sporting a new C&C drumkit on the road with alt-rock band Dashboard Confessional. “The C&C maple kit I have out on the road was built for this tour,” says Homola. “One thing that makes this kit unique is that I’m using concert toms with no bottom heads. I’m a big fan of Phil Collins, and of Joey Waronker—who also happens to play C&C drums. When I spoke with C&C owner Bill Cardwell, I explained how much I loved the sound of Joey’s drums and that I wanted a Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’ vibe. Something about that sound has always grabbed me. With that information, C&C built me what is probably my favorite drumkit to date. They make their shells in-house out of pretty much any type of wood. My drums are sonically similar to 1960s-era Rogers and Camco but with a little more warmth. They have the right amount of attack and sustain, so I don’t need to do much muffling.

“When Bill and I were discussing the concert toms,” the drummer continues, “he said maple would be the best wood for the sound I described. They have 6-ply shells with reinforcement rings made from the same wood. I feel as though [the rings] add warmth and stability. That’s super helpful since there aren’t any bottom heads to add resonance.”

In regards to snare drums, Homola says he favors metal shells. “My snare is a Q Drums Plate Series Brass. It’s one of the best snares I’ve ever played. It weighs about sixteen pounds, and it’s loud. It’s a great rock snare. I also keep my snare wires slightly loose. If they’re too tight, they’ll choke the drum and produce a boxy sound.”

To dial in the right tones on his toms, Homola uses Coated Vintage Emperors. “I don’t tune them too tight,” he says. “I like to get a nice thud out of them, but I also like them to be tight enough to get a little rebound. I don’t want to feel like I’m hitting pillows. We mike the drums from the inside of the shell, which gives us a little more play on how we can tune. I was a little worried that our team was going to be hesitant that I was playing a concert tom kit, but they were excited about it and they’ve done a sensational job making the drums sound great.”

Drums: C&C maple in Tony Williams Yellow
A. Q Drums 7×14 Plate Brass snare
B. 9×13 tom
C. 16×16 floor tom
D. 16×18 floor tom
E. 14×24 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 15″ K Light hi-hats
2. 19″ A Medium-Thin crash
3. 24″ K Light ride
4. 20″ A Medium-Thin crash

Hardware: DW 7000 series straight cymbal stands, 5000 series hi-hat, and 9000 series snare stands, throne, and bass drum pedal (with Danmar Zoro square beater)

Heads: Remo Clear Powerstroke 3 bass drum batter and Starfire Chrome front, Coated CS Black Dot snare batter and Ambassador Hazy Snare Side bottom, and Coated Vintage Emperor tom batters

Electronics: Roland SPD-SX and BT-1 Bar Triggers, iPad

Accessories: Miscellaneous pieces from Keplinger and Upcycled Percussion, Tackle Instrument stick bag

Sticks: Vic Firth 5B Extreme