Rock Perspectives

A Study In Styles

by Mark Keenan

The rock drumming scene has progressed a great deal since the fifties. Those of us who played through that era remember the monotonous eighths and afterbeats, and those relentless right hand triplets. During the past decade, we have witnessed a remarkable evolution, as those simple rhythmic patterns have evolved into increasingly complex drumming, demanding much greater levels of independence, coordination and creativity.Though numerous players have made great contributions in this area, this author has found the rhythmic creativity and coordinative ability of Carmine Appice, Harvey Mason, Bobby Columby, Steve Gadd and David Garibaldi to be amongst some of the most exciting and inventive drumming in the field, and certainly representative of this facet of playing.The following brief transcriptions were taken from assorted recorded works of these five important and influential players. Note” o = A quick opening and closing of the hi-hat.



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