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Latin Percussion

Americana and Matador Cajons, Cajon Saddle, and Percussion Pack

Top-quality cajons and accessories to help widen the sonic landscape.

LP’s catalog of cajons and accessories has become quite expansive over the past few years. New additions have been arriving in various shapes, sizes, and materials. We received a couple new cajons to check out, one of which is shaped like a mini conga, as well as a couple new accessories. Let’s dig in.

Americana Exotic Cedar Wire Cajon

With a cedar body and a varying-ply soundboard, the Americana Exotic Cedar Wire Cajon ($299.99) sounds just as beautiful as it looks. Non-adjustable, Adamas phosphor bronze strings are used to help deliver an authentic Spanish flamenco sound. The body of the drum projects a warm, resonant bass tone, and the edge offers a crisp attack.

The bottom of the cajon is stabilized with four heavy-duty, pivoting feet with thick rubber pads. Sonically, the Americana Exotic Cedar Wire Cajon was very responsive to light playing and gave us a wide tonal range when we applied pressure to different parts of the soundboard with our feet to change the pitch.

LP Matador Stave Tumba Cajon

Shaped like a mini conga, the LP Matador Stave Tumba Cajon ($229.99) is constructed with a poplar soundboard and mango staves. The conga-like shape delivers the consistent attack of a standard cajon but with slightly enhanced resonance and bass tones. With a wider belly and a narrow, tapered top, this cajon provides a great range of tones, from low to high. Our review model came in the Rustic Brown finish. The Matador Stave Tumba Cajon has four rubber feet on the bottom and a lightly textured top for sitting. We found this cajon to be very comfortable to sit on and play because its rounded shape gave our legs and feet a little more room to rest in a more natural position.

Cajon Saddle

LP developed the Cajon Saddle ($41.99) as a companion for any standard-sized cajon. Attached via adjustable straps, the saddle provides a padded seat for extra comfort and long panels that lay on the left and right sides of the cajon. Two pockets are included in the panels to hold brushes and other accessories. The padded seat was much appreciated after longer bouts of playing. The side panels are lined with hook-and-loop fasteners, so you can attach castanets and other accessories to them, rather than attaching them directly to the body of the cajon.

Cajon Saddle Percussion Pack

For players looking to accessorize the Cajon Saddle, LP offers the Cajon Saddle Percussion Pack ($43.99), which includes the company’s Cajon Castanets, Cajon Brushes, and a Vari-Tone Shaker. The Cajon Brushes are similar to thin nylon brushes. I was able to play subtle, quiet beats with them, or I could use them to dig into the cajon to drive the groove more aggressively.

The Vari-Tone Shaker was a perfect accessory for a stripped down setup because it allowed me to play more interesting shaker patterns that had multiple pitches.

The Large Cajon Castanet attaches to the side of the cajon via hook-and-loop fasteners, so it can be played without having to hold it. This opened up some fun new musical opportunities, as I could move one hand from playing the cajon to the castanets with ease. The Cajon Saddle Percussion Pack is a great addition for percussionists looking to expand their musical palette.

Miguel Monroy