Kit of the Month

Spirit of America

This American-made, fourteen-piece monster comes to us from percussionist, educator, and collector Mike “Mickey” Jones of Birmingham, Alabama. Jones commissioned the kit more than four years ago from Bridgeport, Connecticut, drum manufacturer RCI Starlite. The kit, which was inspired by the Ludwig Octa-Plus drumsets of the 1970s, features acrylic shells and retro Ludwig parts and accessories.

The drumset conveys a message of both patriotism and nostalgia. “[RCI’s] Romano Cotone and I have been friends for many years,” says Jones. “We felt like there was no better time than now to share this kit at such a crucial point in American history. We all have to admit we’ve seen change, but I’d like audiences to reminisce back to a time when there was a garage band in every bar, skating rink, and bowling alley. We’d like to encourage musicians to remember what the country is all about and what it can be again for up-and-coming drummers.”

Jones says the kit also pays homage to fallen soldiers and their families. “This kit is a tribute to those who’ve known and loved someone who gave their life to keep America free and to keep this the greatest nation on earth,” he adds. “[It’s] in remembrance of those who sacrificed their greatest gift for our freedom.”

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