Sum 41’s Frank Zummo

The journeyman drummer’s enthusiasm never wanes. It’s an infection that prospective employers are all too happy to catch.

Frank Zummo has always been a team player—whether performing with his drum brothers in Street Drum Corps, filling in for an injured Tommy Lee in Mötley Crüe, or joining existing lineups with Dhani Harrison’s thenewno2, Gary Numan, the late Scott Weiland, or Krewella. It’s easy to see why Sum 41 singer, rhythm guitarist, and leader Deryck Whibley reached out to the drummer to tour, record, and become a band member on the occasion of the group’s latest album, 13 Voices, which even finds Zummo cowriting one song.

The platinum-selling band—which released its debut album, All Killer, No Filler, featuring the number-one Billboard Modern Rock single “Fat Lip,” in 2001—has been on sold-out tours for most of 2016, in Europe, the U.S., Asia, Mexico, Canada, and South America. Zummo will be driving the beat well into 2017.

So how did the New York native, who’s now living in Los Angeles, wind up in a band from Ontario, Canada? “I’ve been with Sum 41 for about a year and a half now,” Zummo says, “but I’ve been friends with Deryck for many years, and I’ve always been a big fan. In 2013 Street Drum Corps was performing our Vegas residency at the Hard Rock, and he was our special guest on opening night. It was the first time we’d ever played together, and it really clicked. He invited me over to his house a few times, and after a week spent hanging and jamming with the band, they asked me to be their full-time drummer.

“The shows and the fans have been amazing,” Zummo adds. “The Vans Warped shows and touring Europe for a three-week festival run were great, and the energy was insane. And we played the Sziget Festival in Budapest for 50,000 people, which was the biggest and most amazing show of my career, hands down.”

Adding to Zummo’s excitement on tour was the attendance of Brixton, his first child. “This summer he came out to four of the Warped Tour shows,” Zummo says. “They were his first concerts. The feeling the first time I walked on stage and my son was right by my side with my wife…that was something I’ve dreamed about. It’s hard leaving, but technology has made it easy to see him each day via video chat.”

Never one to slow down, during a short Sum 41 break Zummo is getting back to work with his Street Drum Corps partners Bobby and Adam Alt and playing shows with Krewella. Billy Amendola

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