Starclassic Performer B/B Exotix Tigerwood Kit and  S.L.P. Big Black Steel Snare

Tama’s Starclassic Performer BB kit is now available in Gloss Natural Tigerwood and Midnight Blue Tigerwood finishes with Brushed Black Nickel hardware. Features include die-cast hoops and Star-Cast mounting systems with Quick-Lock tom brackets. This limited-edition kit includes an 18×22 bass drum with a tom holder bracket, 8×10 and 9×12 rack toms, and 12×14 and 14×16 floor toms. Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.


Tama Big Black Steel snare drum

The Big Black Steel snare drum features an 8″ deep, 1 mm steel shell that’s designed to sound fat, provide maximum power, and work ideally for heavy metal and hard rock players. Additional features include Mighty Hoop rims and black-nickel plating.
 tama.com  Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Set


K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Set

This set features a select assortment
of five Special Dry cymbals. These cymbals are designed to be raw and earthy and have a dry, funky sound. The 14″ hi-hats have a thin top with a heavy bottom for a solid chick and a dark stick tone. The 16″ and 18″ crashes are thin, have a quick, fast attack, and shut down quickly. The 21″ ride delivers a solid stick attack but can be crashed on as well.
 zildjian.com Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.


Los Cabos Black Widow Drumsticks

Los Cabos

Black Widow Drumsticks

Black Widows are black-dipped red hickory drumsticks featuring a glossy finish.



Evans Hydraulic Red


Hydraulic Red Drumheads

Hydraulic Red drumheads feature a thin layer of oil sandwiched between two plies of 7-mil red film, offering maximum durability and a short, fat sound. Hydraulics are designed to be easy to tune and ideal for troublesome drums and players with limited tuning experience.

Used as a snare batter, Hydraulic drumheads produce a very short, focused sound with few overtones. The patented UV coating creates a durable finish and an enhanced surface texture for brushwork. evansdrumheads.com Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.


Roland Go:Mixer Pro Smartphone


GO:MIXER PRO Smartphone Audio Mixer and Virtual Stage Camera App

The GO:MIXER PRO and Virtual Stage camera app offer an integrated solution to create high-quality video content
with a smartphone. GO:MIXER PRO can connect and mix
up to nine audio sources at once, including powered microphones, guitars, and line-level gear like keyboards
and drum machines. Dedicated controls provide easy volume adjustment, and the stereo output is sent straight
to your smartphone for capturing in a video or audio app. Additional features include headphone output with level control, a dedicated Loop Back panel switch, and a Center Cancel function to create karaoke-style tracks. GO:MIXER PRO doubles as a standalone, battery-powered mixer for practice and on-the-go performing.

The free Virtual Stage camera app removes the background
from a performance video in real time and replaces it with movie footage or stills. Virtual Stage camera can also produce a blue/green screen background in a video for later manipulation.

Sabian Soul Side Ride


Soul Side Ride

The limited-edition 21″ Soul Side ride was developed with Tower of Power’s David Garibaldi. The double-hammered HH ride features a buffed, raw top and a fully lathed bottom and is said to provide the ideal amount of shimmer in the high end, a transparent wash, and a touch of warmth without losing articulation. Only 250 of these cymbals will be produced.
Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.

Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Hats


Byzance Vintage Sand Hats

The new hand-hammered, Medium Thin 16″ Byzance Vintage hi-hat features a sandblasted finish and is said to be dark and low with a dry character. meinlcymbals.com  Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.


Wrist Grips


Drum Accessory

WristGrips help prevent and heal tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel issues by compressing and supporting the wrist and increasing oxygen and blood flow, while allowing for a full range of motion. The low-profile, all-black design is made from 100-percent cotton, and hand washable. List price is $19.95. wrist-grips.com


Roland TD-1


TD-1DMK V-Drums

This entry-level electronic drumset offers a variety of drum sounds, authentic feel, and access to skill-building tools with onboard coach functions and free “Melodics for V-Drums” training software. Dual-ply mesh heads for the snare and toms feature adjustable tension to provide natural rebound. The kick pad is compatible with standard single and double pedals and features a soft-rubber surface that absorbs noise from the beater impact while maintaining a familiar acoustic feel and response.

roland.com  Available from your local dealer and on Amazon.




Drum Mic Bundles

The PRO-DRUM4 and PRO-DRUM7 bundles are designed for all-purpose live or studio use. The PRO-DRUM4 includes a PRO 25ax hypercardioid dynamic microphone for the kick, a PRO 63 cardioid dynamic microphone for the snare, and two PRO 23 cardioid dynamic microphones for toms. List price is $249. The PRO-DRUM7 bundle includes a PRO 25ax, a PRO 63, two PRO 23s, and two AT2021 cardioid condenser microphones for overheads. List price is $399.

The ATM-DRUM4 and ATM-DRUM7 bundles are
geared more towards professional touring and studio drummers. The ATM-DRUM4 includes ATM250 and ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic microphones for the kick and
snare and two ATM450 cardioid condenser microphones for overheads. List price is $499. The ATM-DRUM7
bundle includes an ATM250, an ATM650, three ATM230 hypercardioid dynamic microphones for toms, and two ATM450s. List price is $799. Each of the bundles includes drum mounts and a carrying case.

Available from your local dealer and on Amazon 4  Amazon 7.