The Brooklyn-based drummer and educator David Clive, who plays with the New York groups the Nawlins Funk Band, Carla V,
and John Putnam and Used Blues, assembled this month’s featured vintage Gretsch beauty. Clive, who also teaches at the College of Staten Island, Wagner College, and privately, tells MD that soon after he started playing drums at ten years old, he caught the drum-collecting fever, buying his first Gretsch Broadkaster snare at a garage sale two years later. “I haven’t stopped collecting Gretsch drums since I was a teenager,” Clive says. “This is my Gretsch White Pearl ‘Double Bass Monster’ kit, and it’s actually two ’50s kits combined, along with a 4×14 Max Roach model snare and a 10″ rack tom from the ’60s.”
Clive explains that the setup’s foundation—a basic four-piece kit from the ’50s—consists of a 13″ rack tom, a 16″ floor tom, a 22″ bass drum, and a matching 14″ snare, and that it was featured in John Aldridge’s book Guide to Vintage Drums. Combined with the other drums, the full kit comprises two 14×22 bass drums; 4×14, 5×14, and 6.5×14 snare drums; 8×10, 8×12, and 9×13 rack toms; and 14×14, 16×16, and 16×18 floor toms. “I’m happy to say that the drums are in great condition,” Clive offers.

Head to to check out the drummer’s entire Gretsch drum collection.


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