Stone Thrones Drum Seat Covers

Customizable, durable, and super-easy to install.

by Brian Hill

Chris Stone, founder of Stone Thrones, has founded a custom shop that offers something very useful and clever: high-quality and durable drum seat covers. I recently ordered a set of covers for my twenty-year-old Roc-n-Soc throne with a backrest. I asked Chris to make them in a solid-black fabric so it would work in a variety of setups. 

Both covers fit my throne like a glove. The main seat cover wraps over the top of the cushion with a drawstring and cord lock, which is tucked away under the cover to conceal it from sight and to keep it out of the way. The backrest cover slid right into place perfectly and held tight with industrial-strength hook-and-loop fasteners sewn tightly into the fabric. A sharp-looking company logo is embroidered on a patch and sewn onto each cover.

I had a busy summer gig season lined up, complete with several outdoor dates, so I was able to give these covers a real test run. Through all the rain, humidity, and sweat, the Stone Thrones covers remained in “like new” condition. Like most working drummers, I don’t have a practical casing solution for transporting my seat, so it ends up just being thrown into the back of my truck along with my drum cases. The Stone Thrones cover adds additional protection to the seat cushion. After a couple of months of testing, I was able to quickly remove the covers from the throne and backrest and then throw them in the washer and dryer for a cleaning. Afterwards, they slid easily back in place and still looked brand-new.

Available for most drum seats, Stone Thrones covers come in a variety of styles, colors, prints, and fabrics to custom-fit almost any request.

Tech Specs
Finishes: solid colors, animal prints, camouflage, tie-dye, and custom embroidery
Sizes: fits small (12″ or 13″) or large (15″ or 16″) round seat tops
Features: held in place via drawstring and cord lock, machine-washable
Prices: $34–$39