Remo Dorado Cajon


Remo Dorado Cajon

Deep, resonant tones and removable snares for greater sonic options.

by Miguel Monroy

Remo’s new Dorado cajon is a traditional fixed-faceplate instrument that’s handcrafted in California using birch plywood and high-quality compression springs with over 400 coils. The cajon has deep resonance and a lot of versatility. The increased low-end resonance is a result of its construction. Rather than having a faceplate that’s screwed into place, the front is completely sealed to the rest of the drum. This allows the low-end frequencies to resonate naturally as you play. The Dorado cajon is available in two different finishes, natural and amber. 

In addition to the beautiful low-end resonance, the Dorado features Remo’s new Quick Wedge snare system, which lets you easily remove and reattach the internal snares. This allows you to achieve the wide-open resonance of Peruvian-style cajons (no wires), as well as the crisp attack of flamenco-style cajons (with wires).

To remove the wires from the cajon, you just slide off each block of wood holding the springs and then remove the three hook-and-loop fastener strips that press the compression springs against the front plate. To reinstall the wires, simply wedge the blocks back in place and reattach the strips.

As I played the Dorado cajon, I noticed that the fixed faceplate provided a great tonal range from high to low, and I could easily change the pitch by sliding my foot across the front. The drum favored deeper and darker tones. And though high-pitch slaps and strikes close to the edge carried quite a bit of weight and depth to them, if you’re looking for a bright-sounding cajon, this may not be the best option for you. But if you’re looking for a deeper and more resonant cajon that boasts the versatility of converting easily from Peruvian to flamenco styles, the Dorado is a great option.

Tech Specs
Size: 11.375×11.625×18.875
Faceplate: birch
Snares: removable coil springs
Price: $169.95