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Sean Winchester of Everclear

Hey, MD readers! My name is Sean Winchester, and I am the recording and touring drummer for Everclear. For those who haven’t heard, Everclear is finishing up a new record, and it’s an exciting time for Art and the rest…

Modern Drummer
Aug 10, 2011

Aaron Steele of Aabaraki

Hey, all, it is a pleasure and honor to be writing a blog for Modern Drummer. I grew up in the church tradition, playing gospel. Around age eleven I got really into break-dancing and I kind of got away from…

Modern Drummer
Aug 8, 2011

Social Code's Ben Shillabeer

Hey there, everybody, this is Ben Shillabeer from the band Social Code, and I’m writing this blog, coincidentally enough, on the twentieth anniversary of getting my first drumkit! During the last twenty years, I’ve learned so much about music, drumming,…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2010

Alesana’s Jeremy Bryan talks about his growth in the music industry

Hey, y’all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ve been playing drums for about eleven years and have been in many bands. For the last few years I’ve played with Alesana, a screamo/hardcore band that combines pop essentials…

Modern Drummer
Jan 29, 2010

AM Taxi’s Chris Smith

Hello, MD readers! I don’t usually blog on the first date, but you seem special. It’s pretty cool to be asked to write a blog for moderndrummer.com. Allow me to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about…

Modern Drummer
Jan 5, 2010

Royal Crown Revue's Daniel Glass

Hello, fellow drummers and MD readers!, It's a pleasure and a privilege to throw my hat into this incredible blog, and to share a bit about what's been going on in my world for the last several years. As many…

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 2008

Alicia Warrington

Hey, MD readers! Alicia Warrington here. Just wanted to give you a little update on what I've been working on lately. Recently I had the pleasure of filling in on percussion for the amazingly talented Tracy Chapman. I played in…

Modern Drummer
Nov 22, 2008

DJ/Percussionist Ravidrums' LA Nights

Hello, MD Web readers! I'd like to tell you about the biggest weekend in Hollywood. The Emmys were finally upon us, and I was going to perform in font of some of the biggest talent in the industry! HBO had…

Modern Drummer
Nov 2, 2008

Loquat's Christopher Lautz

Hey, all you butts of drummer jokes—. My name is Christopher Lautz, and I play drums and sing back-up in San Francisco's Loquat. My band is a mix of electronic and organic sounds, in the trip-hop/dream-pop realm of things. I…

Modern Drummer
Sep 8, 2008

Red's Hayden Lamb

Hey, everybody. I'm sitting in the back lounge of our tour bus on a rainy day in Asheville, North Carolina. We just wrapped up the dates with Seether and Flyleaf and are looking at a summer of spot dates and…

Modern Drummer
Jul 21, 2008

David Bergander of Celebration

Greetings! I'm David Bergander of the band Celebration. We're very excited that our second album, The Modern Tribe, is out now on 4AD. We've learned many things creating this record, the most important being, follow your heart, trust your gut,…

Modern Drummer
Sep 17, 2007